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WATCH: Ross Chastain Hilariously Compares Fruit From a Watermelon Farmer’s Perspective

by Jonathan Howard
Ross Chastain celebrates with watermelon
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Come for the watermelon and peach talk, stay for Ross Chastain’s conspiracy theory against almond milk. The NASCAR Cup Series driver is ready to race in the Peach State this weekend. But as a watermelon farmer, what does he think of peaches?

This week is another week where Ross Chastain is partnered up with AdventHealth. His sponsor put together a video with Chastain ahead of the racing weekend. The multi-generation watermelon farmer had some interesting thoughts.

First of all, he has no idea what he’d do to celebrate races if he was a peach farmer. Second, I want to pick Chastain’s brain on this fruit juice vs water vs milk thing that he brings up at the end.

“I have zero knowledge on peach juice,” Chastain admits. “Actually, they call it watermelon water, but it’s orange juice. Wouldn’t it be orange water? And then that can go into a whole milk conversation. Almond milk is really just almond water. It is!”

Now, I know that Ross Chastain is still making a name for himself. However, the Melon Man has earned a lot of fans in the last year or so. It wasn’t just the Hail Melon at Martinsville. Or the two Cup Series wins he had in 2022. It has a lot to do with his infectious personality.

Are we going to see some watermelon smashed on the pavement in Atlanta this weekend?

Ross Chastain Avoiding Denny Hamlin Feud

While it is all fun and games with the sponsors, there is a race that is going to be run this weekend. It also just so happens that Ross Chastain has been injected into controversy once again. That is all thanks to Denny Hamlin.

Hamlin admitted that when his car lost grip last week in Phoenix, he purposefully got into Ross. He did it because he could and said that he didn’t make a mistake with the contact. NASCAR didn’t like that at all and hit Hamlin with a big penalty of $50k, including 25 points.

To his credit, Ross Chastain stays out of the heat. At least publicly. Hamlin called him out on his podcast.

“Ross doesn’t like it when I speak his name in the media and when I have this microphone,” Hamlin said.

Well, it appears that Chastain is just going to let his driving do the talking. Besides, he’s got more important things to worry about. Like, what is almond milk?