NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Reveals Message He’ll ‘Always Stand By’: ‘Love Over Hate, Every Day’

by Charles Craighill

On Twitter today, Bubba Wallace shared a message that we can all get behind: love over hate, every day. The NASCAR superstar has been a civil rights activist throughout his career. Whether fighting for racial equality or anything else, Wallace always fights for what is right.

“Love over hate, every day,” Bubba Wallace says in the Tweet. “No matter what’s thrown your way. It’s what I said last year, what I still say this year, and what I’ll always stand by. Check out this cool video I did with @root_insurance and thanks for supporting my voice.”

The video is not the first of Bubba Wallace’s campaign for a better world, not by a long shot. He has been fighting for positive change ever since he stepped onto the scene. From painting “Black Lives Matter” onto his car to fighting for the ban of the confederate flag at NASCAR events, Wallace has always been a proponent for a better America.

Bubba Wallace Partners with Root Insurance

Bubba Wallace took the next step in his fight for progress with his partnership with Root Insurance. The forward-thinking company has been using advanced technology to change the game in auto insurance. For example, Root Insurance has been experimenting with mobile technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to work toward progress in the industry.

Oh, and they also support positive change just as much as Bubba Wallace. Their advertising team came out with a commercial that condemns racism and promotes change. The video advertisement addresses the parts of Wallace’s career that dealt with racism and inequality.

On their website, Root Insurance boldly supports the progress Wallace stands for. “At Root, we believe in the power of change,” the website states. “In fact, we’ve built a company around it. We’re proud to partner with Bubba Wallace and support the unapologetic change he brings.”

“Bubba is leading change surrounding issues of race and equality on and off the track,” the further clarify. “Root is proud of our commitment to remove bias from an archaic industry. Together, we’re championing progress that is long overdue.”