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NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Asks Timeless Football Question During Army-Navy Game

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Denny Hamlin has some questions while watching this year’s Army-Navy game. The NASCAR star seemed to be a little surprised by the tactical approach both teams took into the annual rivalry contest.

The Army-Navy game is like watching vintage football. Both programs utilize the triple-option attack, rarely putting the ball into the air and depending on a more smash-mouth style. But Hamlin doesn’t quite seem to understand that mindset.

“Can anyone explain why 2 military schools only have a 1 sided attack (running) in football?” Hamlin wrote on Twitter. “Do any other college teams take this approach.”

After receiving plenty of responses on Twitter about this very important — and timeless — question, Hamlin followed up his initial tweet.

“Sounds like it’s because offensive line is small due to military restrictions,” he said. “Ok got it .. but can’t create some sort of passing play that a less than great passing QB could throw? Like 5 yards or something?”

This isn’t a new phenomenon in this game. There’s been a heavy emphasis on the rushing attack in the Army-Navy game for as long as anyone can remember. Even though the offenses in college football have taken a more pass-happy approach, the two service academies have stuck to the ground attack.

Army, Navy Debut Awesome Uniforms

While Denny Hamlin was trying to figure out why neither team wanted to pass on Saturday, a lot of other fans watching the game talked at length about the uniforms. Both Army and Navy debuted incredibly unique threads for the rivalry contest.

Navy sported astronaut-themed uniforms for Saturday’s game. That included a NASA-themed helmet, which looked pretty sweet. You can see the images here.

On the other sideline, Army also donned some one-of-a-kind uniforms for the big game. That new look was inspired by the 1st Armored Division. Those photos can be spotted here.

If college football in December wasn’t enough to get you to tune into Army-Navy on Saturday, the uniforms gave you another reason.