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NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson Offers Look at Hilarious Retirement Gifts

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

As Jimmie Johnson gears up for his last race, something else is rolling in as well.

Sending gifts is the polite thing to do when one retires. And well, Jimmie Johnson received an interesting box of gifts from the Twitter account “@nascarcasm.”

The account’s bio states that he’s a “freelance urchin for” and often shares thoughts that we think to ourselves, but wouldn’t dare to post in the Twitter-verse.” Well for once, the people behind the account did the polite thing and sent Johnson a box of gifts.

Well, you might’ve already guessed that this isn’t any ordinary box filled with ordinary retirement gifts. A video is recorded of Johnson opening the box, and was posted to Twitter for our viewing pleasure.

What’s In the Box

The practical joker of Nascarcasm was very thoughtful when putting this box together. He compiled offerings that give a nod to various milestones in Johnson’s career. But these aren’t necessarily the “typical” milestones that one might think of.

First up, a golden horseshoe referring to a good luck charm that he metaphorically had in the past. In the video, Johnson mentions that he somehow lost over the past three years, and thanks @nascarcasm for finding it. The NASCAR driver makes the snide comment of “not sure how to reinsert that” referring to a comment that fellow driver, Kevin Harvick, says following the 2010 Auto Club Speedway race.

Next up, a copy of the movie “Dodgeball.” Johnson says, “It appears that the DVD for ‘Dodgeball’ is in here so I can freshen up.” He’s remembering the time that former crew chief, Chad Knaus, mentioned a quote to him that Johnson has mistaken for a “Talladega Nights” movie quote.

The box of gifts also includes a trophy for a 2006 Golf Cart Surfing awards. Johnson recounts the memory of the time he jumped on top of a golf cart and tried to “surf it.” He fell off and broke his wrist just the weekend after he won his first championship. Johnson’s especially excited about the fact that his name is spelt right on the trophy.

A framed quote of his first Tweet is also found in the box, along with a “man romper.” A picture of Johnson’s is seen donning the outfit. It seems to be the famed dude romper that @nascarcasm himself wore last year after Johnson didn’t make the playoffs.

These endowments seemed to be well received by Johnson. “These are creative and good. I appreciate it Nascarcasm.”