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Nate Diaz Slams Conor McGregor After Loss at UFC 257, Declares Himself Last of ‘Real Martial Arts’

by Jennifer Shea
Steven Ryan/Getty Images

UFC mixed martial artist Nate Diaz slammed Conor McGregor after the latter’s loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 on Saturday.

“These guys all get finished all the time,” Diaz tweeted Sunday.

Nate Diaz Rips Conor McGregor

He followed up on Instagram, posting a picture of himself alongside the caption, “The last of real martial arts in the game.” 

Diaz hasn’t fought publicly since November of 2019, but he has only lost three professional fights in his career.

Both McGregor and Poirier have expressed an interest in fighting Diaz.

Poirier won the fight against McGregor with a series of kicks and then punches. McGregor won the last fight between the two of them in 2014.

McGregor explained to Jon Anik that he needs to fight more in order to get comfortable with fights, USA Today reports. He acknowledged that Poirier had bested him last night and said he was “gutted” at the loss.

As for Diaz, McGregor has fought him twice. They each won once. McGregor said he wants to fight Diaz a third time for a tiebreaker.

“I’d love to compete against Diaz,” McGregor told this month. “We will compete again. If it happens at lightweight for a title, that would be something special also. There’s many great options that are in the works and let’s see what happens. I am ready.”

Different Kinds of Black Belt

After his initial win against McGregor, Diaz told Esquire that he grew up fighting constantly.

“I was always big into Van Damme movies and ninja movies and video games that involved stuff like that, like Double Dragon,” he said. “We did karate and aikido, so I was always into fighting. I grew up in a neighborhood where there were fights, and we had boxing gloves. I never planned on fighting for a career—it just kinda wound up that way.” 

After avoiding media interviews for a long time, Diaz has since learned how to court the spotlight – be it his pre-game show or his social media presence. He said he had to play catch up in that regard, because while other fighters were messing around doing interviews, he was training.

“I feel like they all became black belts in media, and I became a black belt in martial arts,” he said.

Still, back then, Diaz had a few words of praise for McGregor.

“I just think fighters need to start making stars out of themselves, you know?” he said. “Like what Conor [McGregor] is doing. Like, there’s somebody speaking up and doing what he says.”