National Anthem Before Celtics vs. Warriors Game Has Twitter Erupting

by Jonathan Howard

The NBA Finals is all everyone on Twitter can talk about, and Game 4 has only just begun. Retired Navy petty officer Generald Wilson rocked the national anthem. This isn’t the first time that the man has taken center court or field for a national anthem performance, and you can tell that much. Sports, y’all.

Singing the national anthem before a game can be do or die. We almost always get a pretty good rendition. But when there’s a truly special performance, folks go nuts. It’s a song that showcases all parts of a singer’s range and ability in many ways. Wilson and his tenor, strong and steady as a surgeon’s hand, got Game 4 of the NBA Finals started off right!

It had fans going crazy for the retired Navy petty officer. Like this Celtics fan that just had to let it all out.

That wasn’t the only reaction, either.

Oh, you think you can name a better national anthem? If you can name five better performances than this, that means you’ve witnessed some truly special anthems before. This fan says it is top-5 and off the top of my head I’m thinking of only like two that can compete with Wilson.

Look, if you’re a Boston Celtics fan, then this is going to get you pumped and ready to go. It feels like the best good omen you can get before a game. And, let’s be honest, in a tightly contested series like this one has been so far, fans will cling to anything. Superstitions abound, this national anthem got folks ready to watch some dang basketball!

If the Celtics take a 3-1 lead after that anthem… fans are going to be asking for more Generald.

Can a National Anthem Help Catapult a Team to a Win?

When it comes to the American pregame pastime of singing the national anthem there have been all kinds of renditions. From bad, to funny, and of course, there have been more than a few great performances. When it comes to the NBA and anthems, some have been better than others. Many folks think of the Fergie performance at Golden State years ago.

Up 2-1 against a team that has been there and done that before in the Warriors, Boston has a lot to prove. This is the first Finals appearance for the C’s since 2010, and they’re hoping to add banner #18 in the rafters. But, with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the crew – nothing is going to be easy. If a little pregame singing can give them a stronger fan response or a mental edge, to take on an arguable dynasty, they’ll take it.

So, Outsiders, can we all agree that we need Generald Wilson singing at every major event? Who disagrees with that? I’ve got a great idea – let’s get Wilson to the Army-Navy game this fall.