National Championship: Chow Down on These Alabama and Georgia-Themed Snacks at Lucas Oil Stadium

by Jonathan Howard

Just two days from now the College Football Playoffs will be decided in the national championship game between Alabama and Georgia. So, what kinda food is available?

When you go to a live sporting event it is important to know what the food fare will be. Those national championship tickets aren’t cheap. So, fans expect some great grub to pick and choose from. Thankfully, Lucas Oil Stadium will be equipped with snacks based on the two states and schools competing. The IndyStar had all the tasty news.

Outsiders, I don’t think I have to tell you that southern cuisine is probably the best there is. Fried, buttery, vinegary, sweet, and so comforting. When you mix it with traditional stadium snacks, then you are talking about a match made in heaven.

So, what is going to be at the concessions? To start, the Crimson Tide Dog. Start with a quarter-pound dog, top it with pulled pork and fried onion bits along with some spicy BBQ sauce. Then you have the Bulldog Shrimp Tacos. Cajun shrimp with grilled peaches and topped with peach pico along with a crema sauce.

Of course, the official soda of college football is getting involved. The Bulldog Brisket Sliders are topped with housemade mac ‘n cheese and then coated with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce. Are you kidding me?! Executive chef, Shimelis Adem is the mastermind behind the creations. Each dish will cost $12 a pop. But, it seems more than worth it to enjoy the national championship and have some good food.

Sodexo Live! deals with the food services at Lucas Oil Stadium. I remember Sodexo handled the cafeteria food when I was in college, but I never saw slow-cooked brisket at the dining hall!

National Championship Food Celebrates Indy As Well

Now, it isn’t just Alabama and Georgia being highlighted at the concourse area. The host city Indianapolis will also get some love in the snack department. Sodexo has put together some food inspired by the host city. Fans will get to try out all kinds of great treats.

To start, the Indiana Whiskey Sour Pork Wings sound absolutely insane. Smoked pork along with a whiskey-marmalade glaze. (Now that’s something Paddington Bear could get excited about). Then, there is a Heartland Beer Cheese Steak Sandwich. All of those words sound amazing to me and I’m sure they do for you as well.

For those that are going to the national championship and are on a diet or are vegetarian/vegan, there are some tasty options. Meatless options include various salads, some ancient grain bowls, but the best has to be the stuffed bell peppers. Loaded with plant-based meat and a sweet chili sauce, those living a healthier lifestyle will still have a delicious experience.