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NBA Fan Pulls One-of-a-Kind LeBron James Jersey Card, Gets Insanely High Offers

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

One lucky NBA fan just found the holy grail of LeBron James sports cards. They found a one of a kind card featuring James at the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, that card could net them a small fortune.

According to TMZ, the James card in question features James wearing his No. 23 Lakers jersey from his championship run in the 2020 season. During the season finale, James and the Lakers defeated James’ former team the Miami Heat for the championship title.

The fan discovered the card during an unboxing event in Hermosa Beach, California. A card shop Jaspy’s Case Breaks purchased a pack of 2019-20 Panini Immaculate Premium Edition cards. A single pack contains only six cards but costs $2,500.

The card shop was having a lottery of sorts. Would-be collectors could buy the rights to NBA teams for sums of between $70 to $100 before the unboxing. They would acquire whatever cards featured their team, for instance, the Lakers. But if the pack didn’t contain cards for that team, then they walked away with nothing.

The LeBron James Card Could Be Worth $100,000

One lucky collector purchased the rights to the Lakers cards for $70 and stands to make thousands. Both the staffers and the collector quickly realized how rare the card was. The unnamed collector took the card to get it appraised. A high-end card expert and broker spoke with TMZ about how much the card could be worth.

Potential buyers are already willing to pay in the sum of $50,000 to $75,000 for the card. There’s a group of James’ super collectors for who the money is not an issue. The collector hasn’t sold the card just yet despite the already high offers.

Instead, the card will probably end up for auction where it could fetch a sum of $100,000 or more.