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NBA Fans Having a Field Day After Prompt Asks for Crazy Quotes from Players

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

The NBA is a league full of outrageous personalities. From Twitter wars to on the court trash talk to post-game interviews, NBA superstars will have their voices heard. Sometimes, they wish they didn’t have someone listening. Today on Twitter, someone posted a prompt asking for everyone’s favorite NBA player’s quotations. Some of the words that have come up will have you in tears.

The prompt asks to “tell me your favorite quote from an NBA player,” to which people responded. The first outrageous quote comes from Kevin Durant, who has really put a lot of golden quotes out into the Twittersphere.

“uever wake up n the middle of da night and think about a girl u like or startin to like and sit at da edge of the bed n say damn I want her,” Durant reveals on Twitter. This kind of raw and exposed emotion often comes out of NBA players in the context of the game, but rarely in the context of love.

Some NBA Players Flex Literature Skills

Next, Roy Hibbert shows that he did pay attention in middle school after all… maybe. George Orwell’s Animal Farm seems like a bit of heavy reading for an NBA star, but Hibbert might have missed the point. “U got pigs walking upright windmills n more,” he says. It seems that the political undertones of the novel flew over his head, a difficult task as Hibbert stands 7’2″.

John Wall seems to have done his fair share of reading too. When playing with the Washington Wizards, Wall had one of the funniest self jabs ever. “Harry Potter is the only wizard that can save this team at this point. We’re ass,” he said. He seemed to stand by that statement this year as he demanded a trade to the Houston Rockets. Wizards fans pray that Russell Westbrook can fill Harry Potter’s shoes.

It Wouldn’t Be the Association without the Chirps

Russell Westbrook might be the fiercest player in the league, and his trash-talking backs it up. One NBA fan quoted him talking smack about Patrick Beverly. “Pat Bev trick y’all man… he just running around doing nothing,” Westbrook said.

After calling Cleveland “depressing,” Joaquin Noah was caught on camera continuing to dish it out. “I’ve never heard anyone say ‘I’m going to Cleveland on vacation’,” Noah joked. “What’s so good about Cleveland?” To be fair, he has a point.

Terry Rozier even let Osama Bin Laden have it on Twitter. “Osama shoulda hooped instead of tryna kill ppl cause he tall as hell,” Rozier stated. At 6’5″, Bin Laden might have made a pretty decent guard in the NBA.