NBA Legend Charles Barkley Confirms Meeting with LIV Golf About Potential Role

by Dustin Schutte

Charles Barkley‘s swing isn’t something LIV Golf probably desires, but his popularity and candid nature might fit in well for the new league. That’s why “Chuck” is meeting with golf’s new start-up league to discuss a potential role.

Barkley spoke openly during an appearance on The Next Round regarding the situation. The current NBA analyst for TNT was asked about a rumor regarding conversations with LIV Golf. He confirmed that there’s truth behind the speculation.

“I’m gonna meet with LIV,” Barkley said. “To be always transparent and honest. They called me and asked me would I meet with them? And I said, ‘Yes.’ Nothing is imminent. I actually don’t know everything they want from me or what they technically want me to do. But, you’ve got to always look at every opportunity that’s available. So, to answer your question, 100% yes. I’m gonna meet with LIV.”

As a new start-up league, LIV Golf needs a face for its media team. Barkley is a big fan of golf and his fans would almost certainly tune in to see the humorous television personality in action.

It’s kind of a perfect fit, too. Though LIV Golf — and golfers who have joined the league — has taken plenty of heat, Barkley is one of the few to show support. As you can imagine, he put his own Chuck-like spin on the new brand.

Charles Barkley: “If Somebody Gave Me $200 Million, I’d Kill a Relative”

Before the start of the U.S. Open — when LIV Golf really started challenging the PGA Tour — Charles Barkley was asked for his thoughts on players joining the new league. During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, the former NBA star made big headlines with his comments.

“I don’t judge other people. Listen, if somebody gave me $200 million, I’d kill a relative,” Barkley said jokingly. “I’m serious. They’re saying Phil Mickelson got $200 million, Dustin Johnson got $150 million. … For $150 million, I’d kill a relative – even one I like.”

Barkley’s outward support of LIV Golf probably prompted the league to reach out to the NBA analyst. And if they come with a strong offer, his relatives might want to start sleeping with one eye open.