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Stephen A. Smith says he was ‘laughing’ over Anthony Davis’ possible concussion

by Alex Weber
Stephen A. Smith
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Thursday morning’s edition of First Take once again raise eyebrows because of comments from lead commentator Stephen A. Smith. Following last night’s Golden State Warriors victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 5 of their second round series, Anthony Davis was listed as questionable going forward due to a head injury that could have been a concussion.

He looks to have avoided any serious damage but that didn’t stop Smith from poking fun at the extensive precaution on his show the next morning.

Stephen A. Smith makes fun of Anthony Davis “concussion”

“Sometimes, we just can’t help it, we gotta let it go,” Stephen A. yelled as he flared his arms, “because, damnit, I’ll be damned if I wasn’t laughing,” he said of the Davis injury. “Concussion?” he screeched, “Concussion? I thought the NFL season was over. Now, I understand concussions can happen in other sports — boxing, UFC — and, I mean, if the collision is fierce enough, I guess it could happen in basketball too. But damn, I ain’t seen nothing yesterday that made me say ‘concussion!’

“Concussion?” Smith screamed again, then continued. “Now, I don’t know if it’s true or not…did a wheelchair get into the locker room? I’m not sure. Is that true? Did that happen?”

His co-hosts confirmed that yes, a wheelchair was in fact used to help Davis after the possible concussion.

“A wheelchair? A wheelchair, really? Really? That’s where we are? Listen, if you are LeBron James, this has got to be — I hope Anthony Davis is okay — but we got to stop it. We’re in the playoffs, man! I mean, damn it, was he running over the middle and got hit by Ronnie Lott?

“Did I miss something? Did I miss it?” Stephen A. continued to cry. “I mean, did he get hit by Aaron Donald? Did I miss something, J-Will? Did I miss something?”

Co-hosts grimace with embarrassment

Williams just slumped in his chair and smashed his hand into his face as Smith continued to pile on Anthony Davis for sustaining a possible concussion. Meanwhile, throughout the entire exchange, NBA reporter Brian Windhorst sat silently, sequestered away in his own small screen since he wasn’t in person.

Eventually, Molly Qerim stepped in to reign in Stephen A. and explained that the show does take head injuries seriously, a necessary clarification after Smith’s dismissive attitude towards the injury over the previous few minutes. Sheesh, Stephen A., just not taking concussions seriously whatsoever.