NCAA Football Video Game Reportedly Delayed a Year From Scheduled 2023 Release

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

For those hoping to get their hands on the new NCAA Football game from EA Sports, well, expect that to be pushed to 2024. We now live in the world of NIL and players making money off their own image and likeness. So, that means a return of college sports video games.

One of the most beloved sports franchises for years was NCAA Football. Building your dynasty up with your favorite team in real life or the worst team you can find – all for a shot at a championship. However, new information has come out. Apparently, EA Sports is pushing back the release date.

Folks were hoping 2023 would be the return of the franchise. Matt Brown of Extra Points says that he has sources telling him the game is being pushed back until 2024.

Brown followed up his initial report on Twitter with more information.

“I just obtained a copy of what EA is going to share tomorrow [morning]. I can’t share the whole thing without nuking most of my sources but I can say that it will 1) confirm the game is scheduled to come out summer of 2024. 2) confirms much of my previous reporting on features/assets.”

So, that’s good news at least. Whatever is happening with the game, we will know soon. Whether that is from a reporter like Brown or straight from EA Sports themselves.

NCAA Football is going to be here in the future. But it won’t be as soon as many had hoped.

What’s The Hold Up With NCAA Football?

EA Sports clearly has some issues to work out. Because anyone that has played one of their games in the last few years knows that they don’t care to put out an incomplete or buggy game. While there is an opening with NIL, that is a lot of players to work with in order to make sure everyone involved is giving permission and is okay with the deal.

It does seem like there are more than just NIL problems. The production of the game is going to be pushed back, and that’s really all that matters in the end. The reasoning behind it could be anything. So, Outsiders, how disappointing is this?

Personally, I thought they would be able to get this done. Given that it is EA though, gamers won’t be shocked in the least. Maybe they are trying to find a way to add as many microtransactions as possible before releasing the game?