Nebraska’s Powerful 9/11 Tunnel Walk Remembered 20 Years Later

by Kati Michelle

Nebraska is proud of its Cornhusker football team, as it should be. The team contributes a lot to the local communities and general culture of Nebraska. They also take a stand for important issues like supporting service members and first responders. The team recently dropped an inspiring video honoring service members and first responders, including their own Damian Jackson.

On the 20th Anniversary of an event as large-scale and tragic as the attacks on 9/11, we wouldn’t expect the team to stay silent on the matter. Of course, they didn’t. We’re sharing a special moment from the Huskers’ past, which includes one of the most powerful Tunnel Walks you’ll ever see. We’re also sharing the statement they issued this morning. Keep reading to join us, because we will #NeverForget.

Remembering the 2001 Nebraska Tribute

Following the events of September 11th, 2001, an emotional cloud hung over the world, but especially American citizens. That put the Nebraska football team, the Cornhuskers, in a really difficult spot on September 20th, 2001, nine days later. They were gearing up to host the largest crowd for a sporting event since the tragedies unfolded. What do you do in a situation like that? They knew they needed to do something big, but carefully and respectfully. So, they did.

For those that are unfamiliar with sports vernacular, a “Tunnel Walk” is simply a part of the opening ceremonies of a sporting event. It basically offers the crowd an introduction to each of the players they’re about to see face-off against each other. It also boosts the overall morale and gets the crowd hyped for the game.

What was so special about the Husker’s Tunnel Walk that year? Well, it didn’t actually feature any of the football players. Instead, the team opted to include local policemen, firefighters, and first responders. The reaction from over 100,000 spectators in Lincoln echoed throughout the stands, but its reach went far beyond that. The energy at that moment must have been insanely electric. You can check it out in the throwback footage posted by Fox below:

The Anniversary Statement

This year, the Huskers hopped on Twitter to commemorate the important date. They wrote: “On this game day in Lincoln, we remember & honor the victims, survivors, and first responders who gave their lives to save others on September 11th, 2001.” Also included at the end of the post, the hashtag #NeverForget.

You can check out the Tweet which also shares details about their upcoming game later today here: