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Netflix Roasted After Inexplicably Casting Kevin James As Sean Payton

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic)

Netflix is rolling out a brand new sports comedy based on Sean Payton and they got… Kevin James to play the New Orleans Saints head coach.

The movie is centered around Sean Payton’s “bounty-gate” suspension from 2012. It was found that the coach was involved in a bounty program on the team. Players were rewarded for concussing or injuring other players in games. That was a big no-no.

After the league found out, Payton was suspended for an entire year. During that suspension, he took the time to coach his son’s sixth-grade football team based out of Dallas as the team’s offensive coordinator. They were not a great team and Payton worked to make them better. Now, Netflix has Kevin James starring in a film about the coach’s time with the Liberty Christian Warriors sixth grade football team.

Check out the trailer below.

So far, Netflix has been receiving quite a bit of backlash.

Reactions to Kevin James Casting in ‘HOME TEAM’

So, if we look past the part where this story takes place after the infamous bounty scandal, it is still a little bizarre. Kevin James as Coach Payton doesn’t make sense until you realize this is an Adam Sandler production. Rob Schneider also makes an appearance.

James doesn’t even look like he did much to change for the role. He kinda just looks like Kevin James wearing Saints gear. While the movie could be funny and entertaining, fans on Twitter aren’t buying it. Ben Ireland wanted to know one thing… did the NFL mandate this as further punishment to Payton?

Lights, Camera, Pod got in on the dogpile. The coach squint is one thing that James has down. He still just looks like The King of Queens gearing up for an NFL Sunday. Warning: sarcasm in the tweet below, prepare yourselves.

One of my favorite replies to the ordeal was from Ivan (@ivancanfield) on Twitter. This screenshot of James squinting as Sean Payton is going to make the rounds on social media.

However, other people saw it differently…kinda. @Richlew1s was not happy with how the trailer looked.

“This looks HORRIBLE,” the tweet says. “Whoever cast Kevin James as Sean Payton deserves a raise because it’s such a bad job at casting that they were able to convince their bosses that their eyes are lying to them and that ain’t easy.”

Oh, Netflix. What are we gonna do with you?

Netflix Appears to Miss the Mark

This film just looks really cheesy. Which, honestly might salvage it. Kevin James doesn’t look like the Saints head coach. And if I may add to the pile, the ditsy NFL office assistant in the beginning, is just unrealistic. Everyone in that Saints front office knows who Roger Goodell is.

The slapstick comedy might make this Netflix movie fun and enjoyable. However, not many people have high hopes it seems. Getting roasted like that day one of dropping the trailer is tough. January 28, mark those calendars…or don’t.