New Challenger: Tommy Fury Promises to Put Jake Paul on a Stretcher

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jason Miller/Getty Images

Does the YouTuber turned somewhat professional boxer, Jake Paul, have his next competitor lined up?

As of now, Jake Paul has a 4-0 professional record. Three of those wins are by knockout and one is by decision. He has fought against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, retired basketball player Nate Robinson, and retired mixed martial artists, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Now, it’s looking like he’s going to get in the ring with Tommy Fury. He is a British professional boxer, as well as a reality star. His professional career is marked by a total of seven wins and zero losses. Tommy Fury recently made his U.S. debut when he appeared on the undercard of the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight on August 29. This is where he defeated Anthony Taylor.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury Agree on Fight

Right now, Fury is saying that “things are looking good” for his multi-million dollar fight against Jake Paul, according to the Independent.

He has recently agreed to the terms for a fight with Paul on a video that was posted on Instagram. Fury is currently in Las Vegas supporting his fellow boxer brother, Tyson Fury.

So, what are those terms and conditions Jake Paul outlined on Instagram, of all places? In very Jake Paul fashion, he’s looking to absolutely humiliate the person he’s going against if they lose. First having Tyron Woodley get an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo to now having Fury change his last name.

“If you beat me I will give you an extra $500,000. However, if you lose you have to change your last name for one year to Tommy Fumbles,” Paul said in the Instagram video.

Fury was quick to menacingly reply to Paul’s offered contract. “We have a deal. Get that sent over to my lawyers ASAP right now. We’ll get that looked at and sorted because there’s not a chance in hell you are winning this fight. You’re leaving on a stretcher. You’re getting knocked spark out and you know it. Get it over to me now,” he said on social media.

Past Turned Down Offers

After Fury turning down the offer to fight several times, he’s now getting ready to head into the ring. Although he did once say the fight “wasn’t worth getting out of bed for.” Hopefully, Fury gets up and out of bed on fight day. It’s unclear when the fight will take place, seeing as negotiations are clearly still taking place.

He originally said that Jake Paul’s initial $1 million dollar deal was worthless. Since a fight like this would gross millions and millions, a one-million offer didn’t quite grab Fury’s attention.

Fury may be Jake Paul’s biggest competition so far. He is the first professional boxer he’s taking on in the ring. So far, he has beaten around actually fighting a boxer. Instead, he’s taken on mixed martial artists and other athletes. A win against Fury could potentially secure him a more serious position as a professional boxer.