New Denver Broncos Quarterback Russell Wilson Comments on Long-Term Future with Team

by Patrick Norton

Kiss me once, then kiss me twice, then kiss me once again, Russell Wilson wants to play for the Denver Broncos for a “long, long time.” Acquired from the Seattle Seahawks in the offseason, Wilson is falling in love with Denver. With just two seasons remaining on the NFL quarterback’s contract, he’s expressing a faithful desire to remain in Denver for years to come.

Denver’s general manager has called a future extension of Wilson a top priority in the past. However, a deal never came to fruition between the massive trade and the beginning of training camp. But that isn’t weighing heavily on Wilson’s mind. And the quarterback assures the lack of a long-term extension won’t impact his play.

The line of questioning comes when quarterback contracts are the talk of the town. Kyler Murray’s monstrous five-year deal comes with a $230 million price tag – and a wild clause. While that contract comes with $100 million guaranteed at signing, Deshaun Watson’s extension with the Cleveland Browns fully guarantees $230 million over five seasons. The high guarantee is becoming a frequent standard with new league money.

But Wilson suggests he can’t allow himself to focus on matters out his control. The quarterback says, “I don’t worry about those guys and what they’re doing — awesome for them.” The 33-year-old also recognizes that he’s not the only player at the position looking for stronger security, mentioning Lamar Jackson.

But one thing is for certain: his commitment to the Denver Broncos remains unwavering. Wilson said, “Obviously, Kyler, great for him. Obviously, Lamar, with his situation, but it has nothing really to do with me. I’m excited to be here. I know I want to be here for a long, long time, hopefully the rest of my career. It’s been a blessing with these guys.”

Russell Wilson Ingratiating Himself Into Broncos Country

Wilson arrived at Broncos camp on Tuesday with an interesting attire. Donning a customized Denver throwback jersey, the quarterback posted his fashion instincts on Twitter. Unfortunately, Denver’s prized possession couldn’t escape social ridicule; not even from Outsider’s own social media department.