New Orleans Saints’ Cameron Jordan Says Team’s Defensive ‘Confidence Is Unreal’ Heading Into 2022 Season

by Dustin Schutte

In a quarterback-driven era of the NFL, the New Orleans Saints have found success while enduring a revolving-door situation under center. That’s what gives defensive end Cameron Jordan and the rest of the defense serious confidence heading into 2022.

Six different quarterbacks have started for the Saints over the last three seasons. Yet New Orleans has posted a 34-15 record in that span, making two playoff appearances. A big reason is because of a tremendous defensive presence.

Though the team ended with a 9-8 mark last fall — the worst in that three-year span — prior success defensively is what gives Jordan high hopes for the upcoming campaign.

“We were still able to win at such a high clip that our confidence was boosted through that roof,” Jordan told NFL Network of the 2019 season. “We realized that defense can not only sustain games or win games because of us, as well as we can win with a multitude of quarterbacks. That confidence is unreal.”

New Orleans owned a top-seven NFL defense in each of the past two seasons. In 2019, the Saints finished No. 11 in the league. With Sean Payton stepping down as head coach, the mastermind behind that defense, Dennis Allen, is leading the charge.

Allen served as the defensive coordinator for New Orleans from 2015-21.

“He’s been there a long time, where we know we have established trust,” Jordan said of Allen. “That trust is something that has to be built over time, and it’s already there.”

Not many NFL teams would be able to overcome the uncertainty at quarterback that New Orleans has faced. That’s what gives Cameron Jordan so much confidence for the 2022 season.

Over the last three seasons, six quarterbacks have started for the Saints:

  • Drew Brees: 23 games (17-6 record)
  • Taysom Hill: 9 games (7-2 record)
  • Jameis Winston: 7 games (5-2 record)
  • Teddy Bridgewater: 5 games (5-0 record)
  • Trevor Siemian: 4 games (0-4 record)
  • Ian Book: 1 game (0-1 record)

“You go in two seasons ago, go [5-0] with Teddy Bridgewater, next season we go, what was it [3-1] or whatever that is with Tayson Hill,” Jordan said. “And then Jameis, we start off 5-1 until he gets injured and then go through three other quarterbacks in a rotation respectively from Trevor Siemian, Taysom Hill and Ian Book, and still come out with a 9-8 season. If other teams had to face that, would they even break .500?”

The answer, most likely, is no. And even though the team is still searching for Drew Brees’ long-term replacement, it’s easy to understand why Jordan believes the team will be just fine with Jameis Winston back under center.