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New Orleans Saints’ Juwan Johnson Goes Viral For Video Announcing First NFL Appearance to Wife

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Juwan Johnson went viral this week. Johnson got hot on social not for his play on the field but for an announcement at his kitchen table.

Johnson is a rookie receiver for the Saints and up until last weekend, hasn’t had the chance to suit up and play with the team. He has spent the entire season on the Saints practice. Thanks to a new NFL rule put in place this season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, teams can choose to move a small number of practice squad players to the active roster for game days.

New Orleans Saints reporter Nick Underhill broke the news of Johnson’s move to the roster last week.

“Saints have activated wide receiver Juwan Johnson and wide receiver Austin Carr to the active roster from the practice squad,” he tweets.

The Saints also brought interior lineman Will Clapp up from the practice squad and onto the active roster.

The Saints did just with Johnson before their week seven matchup with the Carolina Panthers. Elated that he would get to suit up for his first game action, Johnson was eager to share the news with his wife, Chanen.

Johnson Goes Viral

Johnson recorded his wife’s reaction in a TikTok video and shared it with the world. To say that Chanen was excited with the news would be a vast understatement.


She knows how hard i worked to even get here #juandchan

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“Chanen, I have to tell you something,” he starts out. “I am supposed to be playing this week.”

Chanen has a moment of disbelief before Juwan reassures here that it is indeed happening.

“No you’re not,” she says. “Are you lying to me? Get out of town!”

After realizing the news is real and her husband would be playing in his first game, Chanen let’s out a gleeful squeal and embraces her husband.

“She knows how hard I work to even get here,” Johnson says in the caption.