New Orleans Saints’ Sean Payton ‘Volunteers’ to Be Slimed if Team Wins Nickelodeon-Airing Playoff Game

by Suzanne Halliburton

Sean Payton has got the NFL playoff jokes. Did you hear the New Orleans Saints will be on on kid-centric network Nickelodeon? Slime him now.

Payton says he’s looking forward to the Nickelodeon experience. Why?

“I will officially volunteer to be slimed if we win,” Payton told reporters, Friday.

What’s Up With Sean Payton And The Saints?

Sean Payton and the Saints will host the Chicago Bears Sunday at the Superdome in New Orleans. It’s the first round of the playoffs and the NFL is banking on a big audience. That’s why CBS is experimenting with placing the playoff game on Nickelodeon.

The Nickelodeon network is the traditional home to such characters as SpongeBob Square Pants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sean Payton mentioned the slime. They like to do that on Nickelodeon. It’s neon green oozy stuff. It’s been part of the Nickelodeon culture since the 1980s on its game shows and the annual “Kid’s Choice Awards.”

Sean Payton had no idea the Saints-Bears would be on the kid’s network. He didn’t know about slime, either.

“The first time I realized we were going to be on Nickelodeon was someone tweeted about me getting slimed,” Payton said, laughing at the thought. “So I had to look that up.”

NFL Fans, You Can Still Watch The Big Game On Grownup Networks

Fear not, hardcore NFL fans. You don’t need to look up where Nickelodeon is on your cable dial. The game will be on CBS, too. Amazon Prime also will be streaming it.

Why Nickelodeon? It’s a novel experiment. And it’s not a typical simulcast. Nickelodeon will have its own crew calling the game. There will be Nickelodeon-themed, comic-book style graphics. CBS Sports tweeted that SpongeBob will make an appearance. So will Googly Eyes. It says Nickelodeon will show a game “like you’ve NEVER seen it before on Wild Card Weekend.”

Although the news just recently sunk in with Sean Payton, the NFL announced its Nickelodeon plans a month ago.

It’s just additional exposure for the Saints and Bears, an extra layer of attention. Maybe the kids who like slime and cartoons will see the game and start following football. It’s a way to woo and grow and fan base.

“I like it,” says Payton. “I like the fact that they’re choosing this game. And I think that says a lot. … I would only enjoy being slimed if he won, and I would be willing to be slimed if we won.”

As Sean Payton huddles with his team in pre-game, Nickelodeon will be showing special programming. Denver Broncos star Von Miller will host “The SpongeBob SportsPants Countdown Special.” Miller will be breaking down “SpongeBob’s best sports moments,” according to Viacom, which owns CBS.

The game could be hilarious. Saints fans are excited. Odds are good Sean Payton will see the slime. His Saints are a 10-point favorite.

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