New Orleans Saints’ Taysom Hill Discusses Position Switch from Quarterback to Tight End

by Dustin Schutte

Usually, when a quarterback is ruled out of a competition in the NFL, he finds a clipboard and stands on the sidelines. That may not be the case for Taysom Hill, who might find a new role with the New Orleans Saints.

Heading into the 2022 season, Hill makes the transition from pass-thrower to pass-catcher. He’s working out at the tight end position, hoping to carve out an opportunity at a different position.

Of course, playing tight end wasn’t Hill’s ideal situation. However, he plans to make the most of the new chance.

“Things aren’t up to me,” Hill said, per the team’s website. “I’m willing to do what I need to do to help us win football games. … I love playing, and so it creates opportunities for me to add value and be on the field and compete.”

Hill has been utilized as a gadget player for the Saints before. He’s spent time at quarterback, wide receiver, tight end and played on special teams. His versatility truly proves to be an asset for New Orleans.

“That’s the nature of the NFL,” Hill said of the situation. “This isn’t necessarily what I want, it’s what’s best for the team and I’m good with that.”

Taysom Hill Talks Differences Between Quarterback and Tight End

Going from quarterback to tight end won’t be the easiest transition for Taysom Hill. While the QB takes his fair amount of shots during a game, becoming a blocker and pass-catcher comes with plenty of new challenges — including physicality.

“I think the element of my game of playing quarterback, there was a physical element to that, but it’s a completely different mindset playing tight end versus quarterback,” Hill said. “There’s certainly a mental element to (tight end), but a far more physical element to play in that position than the quarterback position.”

The 31-year-old BYU graduate has totaled 388 yards and seven touchdowns on 34 catches during his career in New Orleans. He has the skill set to be able to succeed in the pass-catching department of the tight end duties.

How will the general physicality of the position wear on Hill? That’s the big question entering the season.