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New Photo Reportedly Shows Minnesota Vikings Whiteout Helmets: LOOK

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

When Christmas comes around, the Minnesota Vikings are going to be ice-cold! They could have some special helmets for a whiteout on Christmas Eve. We have been blessed with some great NFL alternate jerseys this season. There have been some especially great helmets, too.

So far this season, we saw the Battle Red helmets of the Texans. The white and black striped Bengals helmets. Dallas has had two different types of special helmets this season. The Minnesota Vikings could be the next ones to get a special look on their heads.

Depending on what the jerseys look like, the Vikings are going to give NFL fans a white Christmas.

On December 24, Minnesota has a date with the New York Giants. This is going to be a good game that could have implications for shaking out the playoff standings. Whatever happens, it will at least look good on the field, if these helmets are any indication.

“Kind of cool for the whiteout, actually,” one fan noted.

What do you think Outsiders? Are these nice or are they missing a few details that could elevate them to elite? With just a little purple here or there I think it could be exceptional.

Minnesota Vikings Need to Chill in The Endzone

The Minnesota Vikings are going to look cool on Christmas Eve if those helmets are the real deal. However, NFL fans are all asking the Vikes to chill out in the endzone. During last Sunday’s game, running back Alexander Mattison scored against the New York Jets to help his team improve to 10-2.

That second-quarter touchdown was followed by one of the wildest celebrations that fans have seen all year. Mattison was so overcome with joy after scoring that he started twerking in the middle of the endzone. Yes, twerking.

To be fair, it was hilarious and unique for sure. Not to mention, the Jets had to feel disrespected having to watch that after letting him in the endzone. You just don’t see it happen and for what it is worth, his teammates thought it was funny and that’s all that really matters.

Moving forward, let’s just keep things a little more toned down. It is a little shocking to see a grown man in the NFL drop it down like that.