New Pics of Gisele Bundchen With Daughter Vivian Surface Amid Tom Brady Marital Drama Surface

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff

As rumors continue to swirl that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are heading towards a permanent separation, Bundchen was seen out with their nine-year-old daughter Vivian for a horseback riding lesson on Sunday.

The 42-year-old former supermodel donned navy joggers and a white tee as she watched her daughter enjoy her riding lesson riding.

In addition, her wedding ring was notably missing her wedding ring as she smiled and proudly watched her daughter. She also took a couple of snaps of her daughter with her own phone as she rode.

The horseback riding outing came the same day Brady was seen losing his temper and yelling at his teammates. The event was during a recent Buccaneers game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In a now-viral video, an enraged Brady is seen sharing a heated moment with the team’s offensive line. While it’s hard to exactly make out what he’s saying he’s obviously shouting in their faces.

Gisele Bundchen seen without her wedding band following Tom Brady’s wild outburst on the field

“You are so much better than the way you’re f-cking playing,” he was seen screaming. It also sounded like he shouted that they’d “get your f-cking ass kicked” if they didn’t improve. However, his teammates remained calm during the heated moment.

After the tense interaction, people took to social media to comment on the wild outburst.

“Tom Brady really got a divorce just to lose to the Steelers,” one person joked. Another wrote, “Tom Brady don’t gaf about nothing but football, not his wife, not his kids, not his teammates.”

He was also seen solo on Friday night in New York City. He was reportedly attending the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s surprise wedding to Dana Blumberg.

The tense minute comes as he and his estranged wife have both lawyered up earlier this month as the estranged couple is reportedly headed for divorce.

In addition, outlets reported that months ago, the two apparently stopped living together after the football star reneged on his retirement from the NFL after a little over a month in March.

According to outlets, Gisele Bundchen attempted to “adjust,” however she was struggling.

“Gisele did her best to adjust to Tom’s decision to go back [to the NFL] but it hasn’t been easy for her because that wasn’t their agreement,” an insider told outlets in September. “She’s a very supportive wife. But she also speaks her truth so there’s been a lot of tension since he went back. She needed to take some time to herself and Tom is respecting that.”

Gisele reportedly retreated to Costa Rica following their falling out. In addition, Tom Brady was spotted without his wedding band as he left his hotel ahead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ game on Sunday night in Pennsylvania.