New Video Shows Browns Star Myles Garrett’s Mangled Porsche After Scary Car Accident: WATCH

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

Cleveland Browns star defensive end Myles Garrett flipped his Porsche several times during a single-car accident on Monday. However, fortunately, Garrett escaped the incident with only minor injuries. The accident reportedly occurred after the Browns’ practice on Monday.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol shared the news recently. They reported that 26-year-old Garrett and a passenger were transported to a local hospital after the wreck.

TMZ Sports received video of the scene’s aftermath, and you can see how damaged Garrett’s car is as it lies in a roadside ditch.

Reportedly, one witness who actually helped Garrett and the passenger out of his car after the accident says that Garrett sustained a few minor injuries. They claimed that Garrett complained of wrist pain. He also reportedly had blood stains from both his ankle and chest areas.

“Browns confirm that Myles Garrett was involved in a one-car accident this afternoon after leaving the practice facility. Garrett suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital,” Jake Trotter wrote on Twitter, the ESPN reporter for the Cleveland Browns.

Garrett and the Cleveland Browns had just beaten AFC North divisional foe Pittsburgh Steelers in a big Thursday night win. He totaled two tackles in the 29-17 victory.

“Car looks totaled, this is bad,” one fan wrote, providing an image of the crash.

One fan claimed to see from one report that Garrett “broke his wrist,” but that report is currently unverified.

Many fans sent well-wishes his way. “Glad he made it out alive, that’s genuinely horrible just to look at,” one person wrote.

“Scary, hope he has a speedy recovery,” another wrote.

Myles Garrett Remarks on Baker Mayfield Matchup From Back in Week 1

Garrett played college football at Texas A&M. In 2016, he was named a unanimous All-American. Then, he was selected first overall by the Browns in the 2017 NFL Draft. In his short career, Garrett has been named to three Pro Bowls and two first-team All-Pros.

Recently, Myles Garrett had opened up to the media about facing off against former teammate Baker Mayfield in Week 1 of the NFL season, a contest the Browns eventually won 26-24.

Garrett said: “He’s my former teammate, but there’s no rivalry there between me and him and there’s no rivalry there between the Panthers and the Browns,” Garrett said to “Yes, he was here, but that doesn’t mean I have an added sense of urgency to get to him. I want to play my best, and whatever’s in the cards that’s what’s in for me. But if I can help my team win, if I can put them in the best position to win, I’m going to do that. And if I can get a couple of sacks along the way, I’d enjoy that, too.”

Cleveland and Baker Mayfield ended their relationship after the organization signed Deshaun Watson to a record-breaking five-year deal. The Browns then traded the quarterback to Carolina, where the quarterback beat out former first-rounder Sam Darnold for the starting gig.