New Video Surfaces Showing Fan Taking Swipe at Kyler Murray in Wild Postgame Incident

by Suzanne Halliburton

There now appears to be video evidence of a fan hitting Kyler Murray in the moments after the Arizona Cardinals finished off the Las Vegas Raiders with an overtime scoop and score.

TMZ posted the video, Wednesday. It shows Murray and several teammates near the end zone stands in one corner of Allegiant Stadium. A man in a gray shirt reaches over several people and appears to slap at Kyler Murray. The video is inconclusive. Pro Football Talk called it a possible “attempted high five gone haywire.” The 25-year-old quarterback stepped back after the swat. He started yelling at people in the crowd, then his teammates took him away. You can check to watch the video.

However, Murray said Wednesday he has “no hard feelings towards the guy.” And he also mentioned that he’d shake his hand.

We’re betting Raiders fans might stay mad for a while. It’s difficult to not feel frustrated about what unfolded at their place on a wild NFL Sunday. After all, Las Vegas maintained a 20-0 lead at halftime. It ended in dramatic fashion, with the Cardinals winning 29-23. It took some Kyler Murray magic and an opportunistic defense to pull off a September miracle.

Vegas Police Investigating Who Hit Kyler Murray

Las Vegas police confirmed that they were investigating the incident. A Las Vegas police spokesman told the Associated Press that someone filed a battery complaint about 6:30 p.m. local time, Sunday. The complainant said that a spectator at the game struck a professional football player. However, the spokesman did not identify who filed the complaint.

Arizona coach Kliff Kingsbury addressed the situation in his Sunday post-game press conference. He called the man a “low life.” And he added, “I hope they arrest him and he gets fired and can never go to another game.”

It’s safe to say that Kyler Murray isn’t popular among Raider fans. Have a glance at the Murray two-point conversion that got his team back into the game midway through the fourth quarter. Amazing is an understatement.

Wait! There Are More Amazing Murray Moments

And Kyler Murray wasn’t finished with his dazzling performance. Here was the final play of regulation. Vegas led 23-15.

Of course, there was an untimed play so that Arizona could try for a two-point play. And Kyler Murray wasn’t finished being spectacular. People in Texas are super familiar with their legend. He did the same sort of plays at Allen High School before winning the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma. Only difference between those games and the one played Sunday is the players are bigger (and well paid).

The Cardinals are happy they signed Kyler Murray to a $230 million contract extension this past offseason. There aren’t any NFL quarterbacks who can make these sorts of slippery plays to stay alive in the pocket.

Until Wednesday, Murray hadn’t addressed what happened after the game. The Cardinals had been directing all questions to the Las Vegas police. In the meantime, the team is prepping for a home game against the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams.