CHECK IT OUT: New York Giants Reveal Throwback Helmets, Uniforms for ‘Legacy Games’

by Bryan Fyalkowski

The New York Giants are throwing it back to promote their “Legacy.”

The four-time Super Bowl-winning franchise released a video and photos showcasing “new” helmets and uniforms. I say “new” because these helmets and jerseys are based on the ones the Giants wore during their original glory years in the 1980’s and 90’s.

New York fans will be happy. The team is bringing back navy blue helmets with “GIANTS” in block letters on the sides. The jerseys also got an “update,” with red and white stripes added to the sleeves and the collar. Honestly, they look a lot like the Buffalo Bills’ uniforms… But how much can you do with red, white and blue as a color scheme, really?

The Giants will wear them twice during the 2022 season in what the team is promoting as “Legacy Games.” Their threads will be on display in home games on October 2 against the Chicago Bears and December 4 vs. the Washington Commanders.

The New York Giants’ “hype” video for the announcement featured Lawrence Taylor, an NFL Hall of Famer who is one of the greatest defensive players of all time. He helped the franchise win its first two Super Bowls in the 1986 and 1990 campaigns.

“Legacy really is timeless. It’s generational. The pride. The passion. And it’s all coming together,” a narrator’s voice said.

Highlights of Taylor sacking quarterbacks and fans cheering on the Giants played in the first half of the video. In the second half, the former linebacker walks into the New York locker room and tosses current running back Saquon Barkley a jersey. Then he says: “This is for you, homeboy.”

According to chief commercial officer Pete Guelli, the team’s “Legacy Games” will include much more than just helmets and jerseys. The look will be just one component of those events, as MetLife Stadium will be retrofitted to the 1980’s and 90’s.

“We’re going to try to take you back in time,” Guelli said. “Everything that’s done around those games is going to be thematically tied to that history. So, when you walk into the building and you see the end zones painted like the ones in Super Bowl XXI, you’ll remember them. When you walk in and you see the graphics on the walls, you’ll understand what we’re doing. The music that’s being played, the video graphics that go up and the way we integrate alumni and the merchandise. All that stuff is connected to that part of our history.”

He continued: “If you’re a longtime Giants fan and you have fond memories of that window and those two Super Bowls, you’re going to want to be here.”