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WATCH: NHL Players Pulls Front Tooth Out on the Bench in Between Line Shifts

by Griffin McVeigh
Brock Nelson
(Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images)

Hockey players are widely considered some of the toughest in sports, continually playing through injuries. Dental problems run throughout the league as well, between fighting or taking a stick/puck around the mouth area. Normal people may freak out but for Brock Nelson, there was no problem.

The New York Islanders were on the road Monday night, facing off against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Nelson, an assistant captain, ran into some issues in the third period, needing to take a tooth out.

Instead of having a trainer give an assist, Nelson decided to pop it out back on the bench after one of his shifts. He then gave the tooth a look for a second before handing the chiclet off to a staff member.

A wild but hilarious move from Nelson, who was way too casual on the bench. You can watch the full moment here.

Losing a tooth did not have too much effect on Nelson, getting a point via an assist and winning six out of nine faceoffs. He has been one of the Islanders’ top players this season, leading them in goals scored and total points.

Brock Nelson cannot help New York Islanders win vs. Toronto

However, just like Nelson and his tooth, New York was not able to leave the ice with a win against Toronto, losing 5-2. Monday night made five losses in a row for the Islanders, being in the midst of a bad streak.

Ottawa will be next up on the schedule, staying in Canada. New York is falling behind in the Atlantic standings with the losses piling on, with the race for a playoff spot getting hotter and hotter.

Hopefully, a dentist will be able to help Nelson out before then and figure out what to do with his now-lost tooth. Not that he needs everything in tact to still make an impact on the game.