New York Islanders’ National Anthem Singer Explains Touching Viral Moment That Brought ‘Country Together as One’

by Quentin Blount

There have been some incredible renditions of the national anthem over the years, and there was a very special one that took place at the New York Islanders game.

The New York Islanders and Boston Bruins met up on Wednesday in what ultimately turned into a commanding 6-2 victory for New York. But it wasn’t the actual hockey game, or the score, that became a viral moment on the internet.

A regular opening act at Islander games, Nicole Raviv is the singer-songwriter who was set to perform the national anthem at the game. She began singing the patriotic song before lowing her microphone and letting the crowd take over.

The moment was especially special for Raviv. She and the production crew experienced some technical difficulties during their Game 4 performance. After her mic cut out, the Islanders fans took it upon themselves to sing the anthem. And Raviv returned the favor on Wednesday, keeping their newfound tradition alive in Game 6.

Fox News posted a photo of the viral moment on Instagram.

“The Islanders fans demonstrated a celebration of our people, our flag, and our country coming together as one,” the official Fox News account wrote. “Prior to the New York Islanders Game 6 victory over the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night, Nicole Raviv, who regularly sings ‘The Star-Spangled Banner at Nassau Coliseum, wanted to keep the momentum going for the Long Island crowd.”

“Islanders fans helped out Raviv before Game 4 after she experienced some technical difficulties with her microphone while singing the anthem. Even though there was no sound, Raviv told Fox News on Thursday that she ‘continued to sing’, giving honor and respect to the national anthem, and the fans jumped in as they usually do during playoffs — but sang louder than ever to make up for what happened.”

Fans On the Internet Respond to Viral Moment

It was definitely a “you had to be there” kind of moment, but fans on social media were loving the energy they saw from the crowd.

“That was magical! God bless America!” one fan wrote.

“Dumped the NBA and welcome NHL  ❤️👏” another follower responded.

And finally, one Instagram user says, “This is the patriotic America I grew up with.”

Singer from New York Islanders Game Speaks Out

Raviv spoke with Newsday in a telephone interview after the New York Islanders game. She says that it makes sense the moment went viral because “everyone felt it.”

“Did I expect it? No,” Raviv said. “But feeling what happened in the moment, it felt like something truly special. It felt like a moment that belonged to everyone, so everyone sharing it is appropriate. Because everyone felt it.”

You can watch the powerful moment for yourself down below.

The singer, who just moved to New York nine years ago, says that for her, this was the “memory of a lifetime.”

“I definitely felt larger than life,” she continued. “It feels like a memory of a lifetime.”