New York Jets Perfectly Troll Buffalo After Stunning Win Over Bills

by Suzanne Halliburton
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The New York Jets social media team taught a big lesson Sunday moments after their win over Buffalo. When trolling another squad, every detail matters. So ouch, Bills, that tiny burn was for you.

First, let’s get the score and NFL game details out of the way. The Jets silenced Josh Allen and the Bills, 20-17, in a nifty upset of their cross-state rivals. So in order to troll the Buffalo Bills without being too tacky, the Jets fixed the score in an artist’s rendering of the recently announced new stadium.

The Jets accounted tweeted: “make sure y’all get everything right in that new stadium.” Click the link and it takes you to the far end zone’s scoreboard, which initially read Bills 24, Jets 3. Thanks to the tweet, it now says 20-17. See, detailsm none too small. In the original rendering, you’d have to blow up the photo to see the score in a game set for 2026.

You’ll have to forgive the Jets and the players for being a bit spicy. The team is 6-2 and off to its best start since 2010. Remember a dozen years ago? Some things have changed, others are status quo. The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl. Conversely, on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers threw three interceptions as the Packers lost their fifth straight. And in 2010, Tom Brady was the NFL’s offensive player of the year. Flash forward to Sunday, Brady went over 100,000 career yards passing, but he’s a long way from player of the year.

Now back to Buffalo and the Jets. Although New York is surging this year, the oddsmakers didn’t give the Jets much chance to topple Buffalo. The Bills were a 10.5-point favorite coming into the game. But the Jets won because the defense intercepted Josh Allen twice. And then on the final Bills drive, the Jets defense sacked Allen for a nine-yard loss. Allen’s pass on fourth-and-21 fell incomplete. Cue the celebration and the trolling.

A New York Jets fan holds up a “Serving up Buffalo Burgers” during the fourth quarter of his team’s 20-17 victory. (Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Bills announced plans for a new stadium in late October. The finish date is expected to be 2026. When providing details about the new project, the Bills described the stadium like this:

“Throughout the project, the team has thought carefully about how to maximize the experience of every fan, bringing fans closer to the action than any other new NFL stadium. This will truly be a football experience unlike any other. The goal is to create the most vibrant, loudest, ground-shaking experience possible.”

But on Sunday, Buffalo didn’t have the magic, or the home crowd, in its loss to the Jets.