New York Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson Responds to ‘Homie-Hopping’ Ex-Girlfriend Drama with Perfect Instagram Caption

by Bryan Fyalkowski

After days of radio silence since he was accused of sleeping with his mom’s best friend, New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson had the perfect response.

“Took the boys to [Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club] in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?” Wilson wrote in an Instagram caption. It was accompanied by a set of photos of the second-year quarterback practicing and bonding with some of his NFL teammates.

To say this is a wild story is an understatement. Wilson’s former BYU teammate – and roommate – wide receiver Dax Milne posted a photo on Instagram last week. He was with a woman (you could not see her face and she is not tagged) on the beach during a sunset. It had the caption “Word on the street.”

What was the “Word on the street”? Well, it was that the woman was Wilson’s ex-girlfriend who he had dated for more than four years, Abbey Gile. In the comments section of Milne’s post Gile replied to someone calling her a “homie hopper” with: “he was sleeping with his moms (sic) best friend… that’s the real homie hopper.”

Zach Wilson and Dax Milne’s Relationship: The Fallout

In the days that followed, Gile’s Instagram account @abbey.gile either had been deleted or deactivated. Before the “what I miss?” post from Zach Wilson, we had not yet heard any update from either him on Milne on the situation. They did unfollow each other, however.

Wilson seems unfazed – at least publicly – with Milne and Gile being together. Probably because he has seemingly started a relationship with social media star Nicolette Dellanno. Wilson and Dellano went to a New York Yankees game together in June.

Wilson and Milne have been friends for a long time. Most recently, they were spotted together at a BYU men’s basketball game in February 2022. But this “homie hopper” drama may break the two apart.