New York Mets Shortstop Francisco Lindor Misses Game After Shutting Finger in Hotel Room Door

by Bryan Fyalkowski

In a highly-anticipated MLB series between the Mets and Dodgers, a New York superstar was absent from the lineup for an odd reason.

New York shortstop Francisco Lindor shut his finger in a hotel door on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. The bizarre injury forced his absence from the lineup in the team’s opening game against the Dodgers.

“I have double doors, and I went to close one and didn’t think the other one was going to close,” Francisco Lindor said to reporters before the game. “They closed at the same time and next thing you know, I have a swollen finger … I ran around the room for like three minutes. I didn’t want to look at it. When I finally looked at it, I was like OK. I felt like I had my heart in that one finger.”

Thankfully for Lindor and the Mets, the injury seems to be minor. Although it affected his injury to throw and grip a bat, manager Buck Showalter was close to still putting Lindor in the lineup as a designated hitter.

Plus, New York CEO Steve Cohen tweeted out a punny joke about the injury. It sent a message that the Mets are not too worried about the long-term lingering effects.

Still, it does not make Lindor any less upset. He said his teammates were not even poking fun at him because they know he is “not too happy.”

Lindor added, “The last time I pinched a finger, I was 12 years old.”

Superstar Shortstop Off to Hot Start for Mets

Since making his MLB debut in 2015 for the Cleveland Indians at the age of 21, Lindor has been one of the premier stars in the sport. In 954 career games, the Puerto Rican native has 1,052 hits, 166 home runs and 116 stolen bases.

Lindor had eight home runs, seven stolen bases, 37 runs scored and 43 runs batted in while starting all of New York’s first 52 games. As long as he is not due to miss significant time with this fluky injury, he would be on pace for 27 dingers, 23 swipes, 124 runs and a career-best 145 RBI for the whole campaign.

He is in his second season with the Mets and signed a 10-year, $341 million extension prior to the 2021 campaign. Due to earn $34.1 million this year, Lindor is the seventh-highest-paid player in the league.