New York Sports Radio Caller Claims He Almost Got Into Fight with Philadelphia Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni at Tennis Court

by Bryan Fyalkowski

A guest caller on a New York Sports Radio talk show claimed he almost got into a fight with Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni for wearing a Giants NFL hat in New Jersey. Seriously.

The man – Peter from Maple Shade – called into WFAN with hosts Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti. He said he was playing tennis at public courts in Haddonfield, New Jersey, “minding his own business” while wearing a New York Giants cap and a Yankees t-shirt when someone came up to him.

At the time, Peter did not know it was Sirianni – who was there playing tennis with his wife. But he was ready to throw hands, nonetheless.

“He goes, ‘Hey, I have a problem with the hat you’re wearing,’” the caller explained. “And I go, ‘Listen bro, if you have a problem you come over here and do something about it.’”

Sirianni did not escalate it any further physically, but said to Peter: “Your team sucks, and your head coach (Brian Daboll) sucks, too.”

Just earlier this week, Eagles running back Miles Sanders said Sirianni is “keeping the vibes just right and the chemistry good.” If this weird story is in fact true, the Philadelphia head coach definitely projects multiple vibes.

Did Nick Sirianni Want the Smoke?

After that, the two went their separate ways. Another local came up to Peter and told him that the guy he almost got into an altercation with was the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach. So when he got home he looked it up but it was not Jeff Stoutland.

But he kept looking at other Eagles’ coaches and found a picture of Nick Sirianni and his wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell, and it was an exact match. He “swears to God.”

Both Esiason and Giannotti did not believe the caller, or maybe thought Sirianni might have been joking around. But Peter said it was 100% the coach and he was 100% serious.

The majority of readers on the Philadelphia blog Bleeding Green Nation do not believe the story. On a poll with more than 1,500 votes, 78% percent think the encounter did not actually happen. What is your take on Peter from Maple Shade’s tall tale?