New York Yankees Broadcaster Rescues Fellow Broadcaster from Hurricane Ida Floodwaters in New Jersey

by Joe Rutland

Hurricane Ida caused serious flooding along the East Coast on Wednesday night. It even led one broadcaster to rescue another one.

This story involves longtime New York Yankees broadcaster John Sterling and his fellow broadcaster, Rickie Ricardo. Sterling, known for his impassioned “Yankees win!” call when the Bronx Bombers are victorious, was at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night.

According to USA Today, Sterling was calling the Yankees’ road win on Wednesday night. A lot of Major League Baseball teams have not allowed their broadcast crews to return to traveling because of COVID-19 protocols. That’s why Sterling was in the Bronx and not on the road.

As we mentioned, Hurricane Ida brought torrential rains and flooding to the East Coast. That included New York City subways submerged as well as roadways becoming impassible.

Hurricane Ida Rains Pushed Yankees Broadcaster To Call For Help

Sterling happened to be in the middle of driving home along River Road in Edgewater, N.J. His Cadillac got stuck in the heavy rainfall. Sterling, in an interview with The (Bergen, N.J.) Record and on Thursday, said he started up the ramp toward the George Washington Bridge in New York City. Something came to his mind at that moment.

“What would happen to me if I’m stuck?” Sterling said he wondered to himself. Hurricane Ida kept her remnants active over New Jersey.

“I drove home OK, and I was almost there,” Sterling said while he started seeing some abandoned cars on River Road. “And then my car shorted out.”

So Sterling adds, “It’s pouring and the water is almost up to your waist.”

Sterling Said Ricardo Drove Him Home ‘But It Wasn’t Easy’

He called broadcast partner Susyn Waldman, but she has been broadcasting from home. She was not on the road or outside in Hurricane Ida‘s remnants. Waldman told him to call Ricardo. He was at Yankee Stadium and picked up a stranded Sterling.

“He drove me home, but it wasn’t easy,” Sterling said. Ricardo managed to get Sterling as waters caused by Hurricane Ida rose in River Road 2/12 feet deep.

For his part, Ricardo said that “every time a truck went by, it created a wave pool and it was moving his car. He got a little wet, I got a little wet, but I got him into my passenger seat.”

They reached Sterling’s apartment building, where Ricardo let him out safely. A mile later through flooded Hurricane Ida-strewn streets, Ricardo reached his home.

The type of flash flooding and impassible roadways throughout East Coast states is unprecedented. Most states are equipped to handle heavy snowfall, not 3-5 inches of rain per hour.

As for baseball, the Yankees were off Thursday night. They open a three-game weekend series at Yankee Stadium against Baltimore. Sterling should be able to make it there OK.