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NFL: Aaron Rodgers Reveals He Read Book About ‘Dreams’ Instead of Watching MNF

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Monday night meant a big game against the Los Angeles Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady was trending for his questionable performance and the team’s overall loss against the Rams 24-27. Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers offered interesting commentary about the game in a phone interview with the “Rich Eisen Show.”

“I didn’t watch it. I didn’t see one minute of it,” Rodgers told Eisen.

While Eisen reacted in a good amount of shock that the star quarterback didn’t watch any of the game to get a sense of what the Packers may deal with in the future, Rodgers was pretty calm about the situation.

It’s all a part of his routine as a player. He wants to make sure that he is always in the best mental state to give his best performance.

“I’m relaxing. I’m enjoying my time, reading a good book … Mondays and Tuesdays are really about getting my mind and body back. If I want to get to bed early on Monday I’m not going to watch the game. That’s what happened last night,” Rodgers said.

While he assured Eisen that he will probably at some point watch the film of the game, he didn’t feel the need to watch it live on Monday. While Eisen’s intended conversation regarding strategy while watching other teams play on MNF seemed to go down the drain, they took a hard turn in their conversation to instead discuss the book Rodgers is reading.

Rodgers Reading About Dreams

“I’m reading a book about the dream world right now, a book about dreaming. It’s called ‘The History of Dreaming.’ It’s about different cultures and how they look at the dream … everything about the basic lucidity of dreams,” Rodgers told Eisen.

The quarterback shared his interest in learning about what “smart people” have to say about dreaming. He also has a good amount of football-related dreams.

He’s more likely to call them nightmares, unfortunately.

“You have a dream where it’s game day and you’re not at the stadium and you don’t know why you’re not there and you can’t get there,” Rodgers said.

This unexpexted conversation regarding dreams with a football player threw Rich Eisen off a bit. He tweeted, “I’ve been at this a while. Never got an answer like the one @AaronRodgers12 gave me here.”

The Packers Receive Death Threats

In other recent news, after the Packers lost to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, people on social media have been issuing wide receiver Marquez Valdez-Scantling death threats.

According to The Guardian, Rodgers told The Jim Rowe show that the death threats are extremely unneccesarry.

“I understand the rooting interests in the game and how important it is to so many people, and it’s really important to us, too. But I think that’s very unnecessary. I’m sorry he had to go through that. I’m sure if I was checking social media, I’m sure there would be plenty of games where that happened to me,” Rodgers said.

It appears the quarterback may have all the reason to sit back and relax rather than watch football this week.