NFL Airs 49ers vs. Cardinals Exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and Fans Are Not Happy

by Charles Craighill

For some reason, the NFL decided to air the afternoon matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Fransisco 49ers on Amazon Prime Video. This prevented a large number of fans from watching the game. Perhaps the agreement between the NFL and Amazon Prime was mutually beneficial. However, the loss of viewership must have hurt the league more than it helped.

The outrage of these fans rocked the Twittersphere. Fans chimed in from all over the country to voice their complaints.

While much of the country’s bars are shut down, the few that were open lost a ton of business today. An inconvenienced viewer usually equates to a lost viewer in these situations, and plenty of viewers felt inconvenienced.

One fan described his anger for the NFL only showing two games on cable. “So there are 3 games on Saturday,” the fan said. “2 are on NFL network and 1 is on Amazon prime video. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA who the f*** made that decision? Yeah, 3 games that day but we can only show 2 on cable.”

Other fans demanded a refund from services that promised to have the game. “Hey, @DIRECTV are you going to give me a refund for the NFL Sunday Ticket since you lied and said all games are on when this Saturday’s game is on Amazon Prime.”

NFL on Amazon Prime Experiences Issues

Not only did fans who didn’t own Amazon Prime miss the exciting 20-12 San Fransisco win, many who had the broadcast experienced difficulties with the stream. These NFL fans took to Twitter to voice their complaints.

Even with Amazon’s help account troubleshooting and putting out fires, the technical difficulties outweighed the triumphs. Most fans seemed to be most upset with the video and audio quality of the stream. Some viewers had trouble even finding the stream on their device at all.

“NFL on Prime is straight garbage,” one fan said, while another chimed in, “Anyone else watching potato quality football?”

The complaints didn’t even come close to ending there. On one Twitter rant, a fan went straight for Jeff Bezos:

“Hey @JeffBezos #AmazonPrime #NFL this product is a disgrace. Completely unwatchable. Techno bowl looks better than this s**t. Failure. Spend some of that anti-union money on infrastructure to stream NFL games instead of union-busting.”

And another brought up a good point. “The video quality on the 49ers-Cardinals game on Amazon Prime is horse bleep. I know the NFL is trying to relate to different viewers and create a new audience, but why do they have to tamper with quality instead of sticking with actual broadcast outlets that do this for a living?”

No matter what the goal was, it is safe to say that the NFL lost a lot of quality viewers today. One sure-fire way to lose viewership is to prevent viewers from accessing the program. To sum up the sentiment of most of these fans: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.