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NFL: Alex Rodriguez Spotted in the Green Bay Crowd Looking Freezing Cold

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

NFL Playoffs. Green Bay against San Francisco. In the snow. And… MLB legend Alex Rodriguez is freezing next to all the cheeseheads.

While Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Garoppolo tried to lead their teams through the divisional round, the former New York Yankee stood in the snow and cold of Lambeau Field. If you’re going to see a game in Green Bay during the playoffs, this is the kind of game you want to see.

Low scoring, cold, snowy, and all of the fans, players, and people in the stadium shaking and dancing around to stay warm. That included A-Rod. This time of year, most folks are trying to get somewhere warmer. The cold of January can be beaten with a quick trip to Florida or California depending on what coast you’re on. A-Rod went out and found the cold himself in Green Bay.

Check out the tweet below and see for yourself!

Honestly, kudos to Alex Rodriguez for sticking it out with the outdoor seats. He could easily be in a suite and warm and toasty inside. However, he has chosen to stick it out with the rest of the fans and enjoy Lambeau Field in all of its glory.

He doesn’t look very sporty, except for the wool cap on his head. Honestly, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he bought that at the team store in the stadium. He might have forgotten his at home! It is just too bad it wasn’t warmer so we could see A-Rod in a cheesehead hat.

So, did Alex Rodriguez’s new hat prove to be the good luck charm the Packers needed to win? Well, not really.

Jimmy G Makes Big Comeback in Front of Alex Rodriguez

This was a big year for Rodgers. Alex Rodriguez very well may have watched the last game the future Hall of Fame QB plays for the Packers. While that is all speculation and up for debate, the results of this game are not. Garoppolo and his 49ers were ready to take on the Green Bay home team.

This wasn’t a high-scoring game. The conditions just weren’t there for that. The Packers held a 7-0 lead for the first three quarters until San Francisco scored a field goal. However, it would be the fourth quarter where Jimmy G turned his game up and was able to lead his team to a dramatic win in the snow.

It is a shame that the Packers couldn’t pull off the win in the snow. They couldn’t stop the Niners from scoring their lone touchdown in the fourth. Then, in the final minutes of the game, the Packer’s defense was unable to keep their opponents from getting into field goal range.

Alex Rodriguez watched, freezing cold, as Robbie Gould lined up to seal the win for his team and get them one game closer to the Super Bowl. 13-10 49ers on a walk-off field goal for the win. Classic football.