NFL and Amazon Announce First-Ever Televised Black Friday Game for 2023

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, the NFL and Amazon announced the creation of the first-ever televised game on Black Friday, which will air next year in 2023 on Prime Video. The streaming service is furthering its relationship with the NFL as it expands its Thanksgiving weekend coverage.

In the announcement, the NFL shared that the inaugural Black Friday game will kick off at 3 p.m. EST on November 24, 2023. As of now, the teams have not been announced for the first-ever Black Friday matchup. However, the two teams will be unveiled early next year when the 2023 season schedule is released.

Amazon Prime Video is already the new home of Thursday Night Football as of the 2022 season. But the Black Friday game will lock in the league’s broadcast stronghold during the holiday even more. Plus, it helps solidify Amazon as a go-to destination for live sports.

With so many friends and family members gathering around Thanksgiving, televisions are frequently tuned in to the holiday NFL matchups. In fact, the games already garner some of the year’s biggest TV ratings. Those numbers could go up even further on Black Friday. Especially since Prime members are already online and on the Amazon app shopping for Black Friday deals.

NFL and Amazon ‘Excited’ for New Black Friday Games

In the announcement, COO for NFL Media, Hans Schroeder, shared that the league is thrilled about the new partnership. Schroeder thinks it’s the perfect pairing since Black Friday is one of Amazon’s busiest business days of the year.

“Thanksgiving is synonymous with football,” Schroeder said in the statement. “And we’re excited to give our fans another day of NFL action during this holiday weekend. Amazon is uniquely positioned to partner with us for this game as Black Friday is one of the most important days of the year for their business.”

In addition to Schroeder’s comments, Jay Marine, the global head of sports for Prime Video shared a statement as well. He added that Thursday Night Football has “already proven tremendously successful on Prime Video.” Therefore the company is looking forward to expanding on their deal with the NFL.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with the NFL,” Marine said. “Black Friday is the unofficial start of the holiday season, and we’re thrilled to kick it off with a gift for football fans across the country with this new game.”

The new Black Friday game follows Amazon’s shocking move to enter the world of live sports. Last year, Amazon Prime Video bought the exclusive rights to TNF. The Jeff Bezos-owned company was a surprise bidder as part of the NFL’s new 11-year broadcast deals.

Reports stated that Amazon is paying $1 billion per year for the rights to air TNF. Although that’s a ton of money, the league annually has the highest ratings in all of television. The NFL has averaged around 17 million weekly viewers so far during the 2022 season.