NFL Announces ‘Hard Knocks’ Will Feature Indianapolis Colts in First In-Season Edition

by Jonathan Howard

NFL Films has announced the next season of their critically acclaimed show, Hard Knocks. The show is loved by many fans. By showing behind-the-scenes looks at NFL teams each season, the show is must-watch television. However, this season will be truly special. It is the first season to take place DURING the season. Follow the Indianapolis Colts starting November 17th on HBO.

During halftime of Thursday Night Football, the NFL made the announcement. The game between the New York Giants and Washington Football Team is a rivalry that gets eyes. So, it makes sense they announced the new season during halftime. It was teased earlier in the week to give fans a heads up. Watch the video below, a little teaser of the upcoming season of Hard Knocks in Indy.

Twenty years of behind-the-scenes history. 18 Emmys. The show has been a fan favorite for years now and has given us some of the coolest moments in NFL history. Usually, Hard Knocks takes place in the offseason. It follows a team in training camp and beyond. The climax is usually the final cuts that are made to rosters. Otherwise unknown players have become fan favorites, and a lot of emotions have been shown over the years.

Now, with a look inside the regular season, fans will get a one-of-a-kind experience. Following the Indianapolis Colts, the season will demand eyes on the television. The Colts are one of the most historic franchises in the league. Where I’m from, it is Bengals and Colts territory. There will be plenty of eyes from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and of course, all of Indiana.

The Colts are trying to get back to good times. Things have not been easy in Indy in the last few years. With Carson Wentz taking the snaps, the team is hoping to find success on Hard Knocks.

‘Hard Knocks’ Season Announced on TNF

As part of the halftime break, this new season of Hard Knocks was announced. As the New York Giants and Washington Football Team face-off, they are both looking for their first win on the season. So, this game is important for both organizations. The Giants struck first with a touchdown in the first quarter.

While the Giants got off to a decent start, it would be the WFT that rallied back in the second quarter. Washington held New York to just a field goal in the second period. Meanwhile, they put up 14 points. As halftime began, the Giants found themselves in a hole. WFT narrowly won on a last-second field goal.

Regardless of who wins the Thursday Night matchup, the best news of the night is a new season of Hard Knocks during the regular season!