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NFL: Antonio Brown Addresses ‘Possibility’ of Returning to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

by Suzanne Halliburton
Elsa/Getty Images

If you’re pondering whether Tom Brady and Antonio Brown will play on the same team again this season, well, wonder no more.

The quarterback and receiver won a Super Bowl championship after the 2020 season. But if you follow the NFL and all the sports news, you remember that Brown left the Bucs in a most bizarre way in early January. He walked away in the third quarter of a game against the New York Jets.

Although so much has changed with the Bucs in the offseason, there won’t be a Tampa team with Tom Brady heaving touchdown passes to Antonio Brown.

“I don’t think that’s a possibility,” Brown said in an interview this week with TMZ. “How things were handled. How I was handled in regards to the injury. (The Bucs) just weren’t able to use me for my value. My true value.”

He added: “I was grateful for the opportunity, the opportunity I was given. But the NFL is about value and you want people to use you for your value. If you can’t come to a value for the use for you, then we can’t work, then there’s no need for negativity. There’s a need for truth with those guys … I was injured, then I persevered to play with them. And for them to try to manipulate the narrative, that I’d just quit and walked away from my job … it was far from the truth.”

Got All That? It Means No Tom Brady and Antonio Brown, Together Again

Now, for some background. The Bucs were losing to the lowly Jets, on the road. During the third quarter, Brown and then head coach Bruce Arians had a blowup. So Brown shed his shoulder pads, helmet, jersey and undershirt and gave the Peace-Out sign. He then trotted to the visitor’s locker room, never to return.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady called it a “difficult situation” with Antonio Brown. Arians told the media: “He is no longer a Buc. That’s the end of the story.”

And since that incident on Jan. 2 — Brady retired, then unretired. And Arians did retire and turned over the team to defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Meanwhile, Brown still is a free agent. He still has a gimpy ankle and has done nothing to repair it. He says he needs a commitment first from another team. Yet it’s now April. Players who suffered injuries that needed surgery in the offseason already have gotten the procedures.

“I need to get my ankle fixed, but I got to make sure I got an obligation, a real commitment from a team,” Brown said. “It’s a lot for a a guy to go do surgery without an idea of where you’re going to work or who you’re going to work for.”

As for what other teams need to know about him, Brown said: “Actions speak louder than words. You know my word, my walking and talking, breathing resume. Go watch the tape. It’s not the articles they sell, what they say about me. It’s about what I’m willing to do and what I’m capable of doing. I put my heart on the line I put my will on the line.”