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NFL: Antonio Brown Takes Shot at Bucs Over Playoff Loss

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

When the timer hit 0:00 and the LA Rams were walking off of the field victorious… you just felt that Antonio Brown would say something.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were taken out of the NFL playoffs. Despite taking a 20-3 lead into the half, the Rams almost dropped the game. Tom Brady made a valiant effort to complete another comeback. However, it wasn’t in the cards this time. There would be no Atlanta-type collapse from LA.

During the beginning of the game when the Tampa offense was stagnant, they might have been wondering what might have been with Antonio Brown lining up for them. Brown was thinking the same thing, but instead of being upset, he decided to laugh and post a meme on Twitter. Perhaps he sees it as karma for the way things went down between him and Bruce Arians.

Now, even without AB, Tampa has offensive weapons. Mike Evans had over 100 yards receiving, Gronk had 85 yards, Leonard Fournette caught 9 passes for 56 yards. It was a big night that ended with ready having 329 yards on 30/54 passing. However, if Brown was on the field, he would have been able to spread the field further and get more open pass opportunities.

What’s that German word for enjoying others’ misery? Oh yeah, schadenfreude. Right now, Brown is enjoying a whole lot of that. While some thought that Tampa would be fine without him, and arguably they were, now Brown can point to this game and say… “I told you so.”

Now, Antonio Brown can take the time to revel in the Buc’s misery, however, what is next for the talented but controversial receiver? Is there a future where he ends up back in the NFL? It is hard to say at the moment, but there is some interest.

Antonio Brown Has Heard From a ‘Couple Teams’

Since the fallout between Tampa and Antonio Brown, there has been a lot of questions. Tom Brady made comments, Bruce Arians made comments And, oh yeah, Brown himself made a lot of comments. While the jog off the field was unprecedented, he might have enough talent to get back in the league.

According to what Brown told Complex there is some interest in bringing him back into the NFL.

“I’m a football player, man. I’m a professional athlete. Let’s not get that twisted. That’s my main thing,” he said to the outlet. As he continued, he said, “a couple of teams called.” So, what does that mean? Well, it means that Brown still has enough pull to get phone calls with these organizations at the very least.

If Antonio Brown finds himself back in the league, then it will be interesting. Imagine a playoff game next season featuring the Bucs and Brown is lining up on the opposite side of the line from them? It sure would be dramatic.