NFL: Baker Mayfield’s Most Hilarious Mic’d Up Moments

by Kayla Zadel

Baker Mayfield stars in some pretty funny Progressive commercials. His “house” is the Cleveland Brown’s stadium and the spots depict Mayfield doing everyday things around the 67,000+ stadium.

When Mayfield’s not making commercials in FirstEnergy Stadium, he’s starring as the Cleveland Brown’s quarterback. The Browns remain hopeful with this draft pick. However, if Mayfield doesn’t pan out, he’s always got his funny commentary to fall back on.

These are some of Baker’s best mic’d up moments.

Baker Mayfield Serious about His ‘Stadium’ House

In this funny clip, Mayfield tells one of the coaches, “Can’t even clean up your own stadium. Don’t litter at my house.” Then the next clip is of Mayfield teasing a teammate about trashing his house.

“Hey man, this is my house. Don’t throw sh-t everywhere.”

Mayfield is More Like the Class Clown

Yes, he might suit up as one of the highest-paid Browns’ players, but he’s still a kid at heart. As a matter of fact, in this clip, he’s teasing Jarvis Landry about his head size.

Mayfield relates food to plays made on the gridiron.

Mayfield’s Actually Quite Musical

Mayfield loves himself some good music. Around the 45-second mark, he starts singing Phill Collins’ iconic hit, “In the Air Tonight.”

In this same video, Mayfield scores a touchdown when he connects with Harrison Bryant in the end zone. The two celebrate together, and then no. 6 takes off down the sidelines, running like a gazelle. He continues with some screaming celebrations and high-fives.

The Browns went on to win against the Bengals, 37-34.

Baker Loves Winning

Furthermore, Mayfield loves winning. I mean, who doesn’t. This mic’d up moment is from when the Browns beat Washington.

The Cleveland Browns are currently, as of Nov. 17, 6-3.