NFL: Bucs’ Antonio Brown Reportedly Punches Titans Player in Face, Gets Thrown Out of Practice

by John Jamison

Brawls at NFL football practices are nothing new. For Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout Antonio Brown, however, the last thing he needs to be added onto his long history of questionable decisions is a fistfight. Yet during the joint NFL practice between the Bucs and the Tennessee Titans on Thursday, that’s exactly what Brown did.

The fight occurred between Brown and Titan’s cornerback Chris Jackson. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the scuffle came about after the two players didn’t take kindly to each other’s approach during a passing drill.

“Don’t hold me out here,” Brown reportedly told Jackson. “Don’t push me in my face,” Jackson fired back.

What happened next? Well, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

It appears that Brown landed at least one clean shot to Jackson’s right jaw before the two players were separated. The violence got Brown thrown out of practice, but per reports, he was allowed to return shortly thereafter.

Bruce Arians, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach and never one to back himself into a corner, said he didn’t see it as a fight. Per the Tampa Bay Times, he doesn’t intend on punishing Brown for the dust-up.

“Fighting? I didn’t see any fighting. A lot of pushing and shoving, but I didn’t see any fists. … Waving flies,” Arians told the press following the joint practice.

At the end of the day, the player consensus was that scuffles like this are simply part of practicing against another NFL team in the heat of summer, so close to the season starting.

“It’s hot, it’s intense and we’re just competitors. That’s just part of the game,” Buccaneers cornerback Jamel Dean told the newspaper.

Antonio Brown’s Controversial Journey Through the NFL

After bouncing around the NFL for more than a year, former Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Antonio Brown finally found a home with Tampa Bay. That’s saying something, considering the controversies that seemed to unravel with each passing week.

In fact, according to The Score, Brown was the target of a sexual assault lawsuit that saw him investigated by the NFL in 2019. Beyond that, he got himself arrested for battery charges and parted ways with his longtime agent Drew Rosenhaus.

But underneath all of the drama and seemingly unpredictable behavior is one of the most talented wide receivers the NFL has seen. And Tom Brady, not one to pass that kind of thing up, wanted to reunite with Brown in Florida after they got close as short-lived teammates on the New England Patriots.

Brown joining Brady in Tampa Bay worked out better than most could have imagined. Brown himself didn’t have a mind-blowing season by NFL standards, logging just short of 500 yards and netting 4 touchdowns. But a Superbowl win isn’t too shabby a result. If Brown can stay out of trouble, he, Brady, and the Bucs have a shot at defending their title.