NFL: Bucs GM Fires Back at Woman Upset With Tom Brady Over Tossing Lombardi Trophy From Boat

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tom Brady, know that Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht has your social media back when it comes to complaints about tossing the Lombardi Trophy.

More specifically, Licht posted a light-hearted gif from the movie “Stripes” — “Lighten up Francis” in response to a complaint.

Check it out. We’ll explain on the other side.

Last week, the Tampa Bay Bucs celebrated their Super Bowl win over Kansas City with a boat parade. It was about the most Florida thing ever. Players rode on yachts and other sorts of boats.

And Tom Brady was doing a lot of celebrating, too. A Super Bowl is rare in Tampa, but Brady is used to them. He earned his seventh Super Bowl ring on Feb. 6.

So during the parade down the Hillsborough River, cameras caught Brady tossing the seven-pound Lombardi Trophy from his ride onto another boat towards Ron Gronkowski. It never hit the ground.

Then after the parade, cameras also caught Gronk helping to steady Tom Brady, who appeared to be doing a little day drinking. Brady rarely drinks. He’s 43 and in terrific shape. One reason is his strict diet that shuns most everything fun to eat and drink, including adult beverages. Fans were so excited to see Brady acting like everyone else that “Drunk Brady” started trending on Twitter.

Tom Brady even mocked himself, tweeting “Noting to see her…just litTle avoCado tequila.”

Of course, Drunk Tom Brady became a character on SNL’s Weekend Update. Beck Bennett played drunk Tom Brady. He brought a tarnished trophy with him and used the bottom of it to crack open a longneck.

But then came the complaint about Brady’s Lombardi boat toss. The daughter of the silversmith who created the first trophy was mad that Brady didn’t treat her father’s work with dignity and respect. Greg Grohs was the master silversmith at Tiffany’s from 1967 to 1994.

Lorraine Grohs said: “It just really upset me that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it was a real football. I didn’t sleep the past two nights because of this, I was that upset.

“Because I know the passion that goes into this trophy. . . . I personally would like an apology, not just to me and my family, and the other silversmiths but to the fans.”

So far, Tom Brady has yet to apologize for the trophy toss.

And now Jason Licht, who signed Brady from the New England Patriots last March, has indicated there probably won’t be an “I’m sorry.” Just a “lighten up.”