NFL: Cam Newton Fires Back after Young Kid Heckles Him For Being a Free Agent

by Josh Lanier

Cam Newton will likely be a free agent in a few weeks. It’s been reported that the Patriots won’t resign him after his disappointing year in New England. And at least one kid wanted to remind Newton of that — repeatedly.

The young boy yells about Newton’s contract status as they stand on the sideline of a 7-on-7 game. The former No. 1 NFL Draft pick barks back “I’m rich.” This exchange goes on for a while with little deviation. Then the young boy changes his tactics. “You’re about to be poor,” he replies. That’s when Newton starts to ask the boy where his parents are.

Someone tweeted a video of the exchange Sunday. It’s unclear when this took place or what started the exchange.

But Newton has a point. He’s made $122 million during his 10 year NFL career. Plus, he has a number of endorsements from major companies such as Under Armour and Gatorade. As long as he hasn’t spent his entire fortune on hats and designer jackets, he’s likely doing quite well for himself.

Regardless of his money, Newton is a former NFL MVP who led the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl. He also won the Heisman Trophy and won a National Championship at Auburn.

Weirdly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to Newton. Three years ago, a young boy at a 7-on-7 game called Newton out for losing the Super Bowl. You can watch that video here.

It’s unclear where Cam Newton will play next. It’s unlikely the Patriots, who went 7-9 last season, are going to re-sign him. The team recently acquired Marcus Mariotta. Several analysts believe he will play behind center next season.

So where does that leave Newtom?

“Honestly it’s too early to tell,” Cam Newton said earlier this year. “Do I think I have starting talent? Absolutely. Do I think a lot of things I’ve done were devalued? Not the team’s perspective, probably the media’s perspective — absolutely.”