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NFL: Cam Newton Hilariously Sums Up ‘Football Whisperer’ Bill Belichick’s Coaching Style

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Cam Newton said Bill Belichick is so far ahead of the competition he wonders if the Patriots coach has an easy button, CBS Sports reported. After the Patriots upset the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, the New England quarterback called his coach the “football whisperer.”

“Listen, everything that coach coaches throughout the week, it tends to come up,” Newton said. “I’m beginning to think he either has like a Staples easy button or a Buffalo Wild Wings button or just a straight direct line to the football gods because he’s, like, a football whisperer when it comes to anticipating what the game’s going to be like, how we need to win, and things like that.”

Belichick’s track record backs that up. In his 20 years in New England, Belichick has a record of 241 wins to 88 losses along with six Super Bowl titles.

Although, the team has struggled this season after some major shakeups to the roster. The team is currently third in the AFC East with a 4-5 record.

“Well, we have our keys to victory and week-in and week-out, coach hammers it in each and every day with reminding us about, you know, If we’re going to win, this is what we’re going to have to do,” Newton said. “And I’m just excited that the offensive line was able to impose their will and play a great team and this was going to be a great test for us and we knew that and for our guys not to back down, but take it more upon themselves as a challenge, and obviously they did a good job.”

The Patriots picked up Newton this season after the Carolina Panthers released him. Former New England signal-caller Tom Brady left the team to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Patriots Coach Praises Cam Newton

Cam Newton isn’t the only one handing out compliments. Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniel recently praised Newton’s leadership and work ethic to the Boston Herald.

“Cam, he’s never wavered from his work ethic, from his attitude, from the way he approaches practice, the effort he gives on a daily basis,” McDaniels said. “Whether it be a meeting, a film session, a walkthrough, or any part of what we’re doing on the field, he is unselfish, he is accountable for any mistake he makes, he’s incredibly honest. Communication with Cam is exactly the kind of communication you’re looking for when you’re a coach. You ask a question, you get an honest response. If you made a mistake, he’ll tell you what it was, which again, there’s no better example for younger players, than to see a guy do that.”

Newton contracted COVID-19 earlier this year and struggled after he first returned. But, his performance has improved as the season goes on, CBS Sports said.

For his part, Belichick said Newton’s unique background gives him a unique insight.

“… I think he’s done a good job, especially considering that it’s a new team and he doesn’t have the background that some other players, that a lot of us have in this organization,” Belichick went on. “But, he kind of brings a different, kind of a fresher maybe energy or perspective to the things that I think we all can appreciate that, as well.”