NFL: Cardinals Share Hilarious ‘Step Brothers’ Quote Reacting to 49ers Using Their Stadium as Home Field

by Madison Miller

The Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers are step brother teams in the NFL.

At least that’s what the Cardinals are jokingly suggesting in a recent tweet.

Cardinals Lend out Home Field

The team is responding to the 49ers tweet saying they’re using the State Farm Stadium as their “home.”

The Cardinals responded with a quote from the movie “Step Brothers” about exactly how they should be treating their turf.

Why the switch in home stadiums for the 49ers?

According to CBS Sports, they will be playing all their December home games at the Cardinals’ stadium after Santa Clara County halted all sports. Due to increasing COVID-19 numbers, the county announced that they were halting all high school, collegiate, and professional level sports.

California is reportedly experiencing its worst surge in COVID-19 numbers. Counties are desperately trying to create solutions to lessen the numbers. Anyone who traveled to or from the county must quarantine for 14 days.

The NFL has also been called out for giving different protocols to different teams as they navigate COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 and NFL

California isn’t the only thing with rising COVID-19 numbers, in fact the NFL has been lighting up with positive tests in the past few weeks.

According to CBS Sports, the Steelers, Ravens, and Colts have all had positive cases. The Steelers-Ravens game had to be rescheduled twice. For Thanksgiving, the league canceled all in-person practices and activities from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1.

With each new week, it is becoming harder for the NFL to continue to run games. While the league appears to be maneuvering around certain restrictions and trying to make it to January, it may just continue to get more difficult.

The NFL has also issued fines to teams who are not taking COVID-19 seriously and risking spreading it across the whole organization. For example, the Saints and Patriots received some hefty fines. Many are wondering, how long should football be going on when nearly every other gathering and sport has been canceled?

“I think we have to really consider a bubble. When you think about the country right now, we’re going through a second wave. You have to be flexible in your thinking … I think right now from a competitive and balance standpoint that’s out there, and from a safety standpoint that’s out there, go to a bubble. Go to a city right now, identify a hotel, take all the staff members, put them in there, and make sure from that point they bus to and from practice,” said Bill Cowher to NBC News.

While a bubble might seem like the only solution, it isn’t necessarily something the NFL is considering right now.

However, there may be more postponements, cancellations, and possible forfeits in the future. This will call into question the authenticity of the Super Bowl winner, if there is one.