NFL: Chicago Bears Fans Mock QB Andy Dalton Signing With ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Puzzle

by Chris Haney

Earlier this week, the Chicago Bears signed quarterback Andy Dalton to be their starter and the organization was immediately mocked by NFL fans.

Chicago’s signing of Dalton has been almost unanimously criticized by both football analysts and fans alike. Dalton underwhelmed as a backup last season in Dallas. Therefore, many were left scratching their heads after hearing that the Bears signed Dalton to fix their issues at the quarterback position.

Most Bears fans expected to sign Seattle’s longtime QB Russell Wilson. Rumors circulated for weeks that Wilson wanted to leave the Seahawks, and Chicago seemed like a possible destination. However, the Bears signed a different quarterback with a similar 6-letter last name. NFL fans were quick to create the perfect meme to mock the Dalton signing.

With a little help from a Wheel of Fortune puzzle, multiple fans took a shot at the franchise. They hilariously used the game show’s unfinished puzzle to make it look like the answer would be “Russ Wilson.” Yet when the answer is fully revealed, “Andy Dalton” is the correct answer to the disappointment of many.

“How funny is this??? Not sure who created it but had to share after a friend sent it my way! #DaBears #RussellWilson #andydalton #Chicago #WheelOfFortune,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Think you’re getting Wilson and ending up with Dalton is like when you have one letter left of Wheel of Fortune but you spin anyway and go bankrupt,” another fan tweeted.

Needless to say, Bears fans haven’t taken the news of Dalton’s signing very well.

Andy Dalton Signs 1-Year Contract With the Chicago Bears

After nine seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, Andy Dalton served as the Dallas Cowboys backup last year. Following starter Dak Prescott’s season-ending injury, Dalton filled in as the starter to mixed results. Most analysts and NFL fans assumed Dalton’s career as a starting quarterback to be over. Then, the Chicago Bears called.

On Wednesday, the Bears announced that they were signing Dalton to a one-year, $10 million deal. Following the signing, Dalton explained that he chose Chicago after being offered the starting quarterback job.

“I had several options and I felt like this was the best fit for me… When you hear that you’re going to be the starter, that’s an enticing pitch,” Dalton said to Bears Senior Writer Larry Mayer.

The former 2011 second-round pick will now take the helm of a team that has struggled to find consistency out of their quarterbacks. Chicago’s 2017 second overall pick Mitch Trubisky has now left the team to become Josh Allen‘s backup with the Buffalo Bills. Another high draft pick that never panned out for the Bears.

Dalton will look to right the ship in Chicago this season and earn a longer contract than just one year. Even though the move has been universally mocked, it’s a team-friendly deal that could end up benefitting both Dalton and the Bears. If he plays well, great. If he doesn’t, he exits after only one season.