NFL: Cowboys ‘Disappointed’ After Being Pushed Out of SNF for First Time Ever

by Thad Mitchell
.(Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

This year’s NFL season is unlike any other season that football fans have seen with teams battling each other and a pandemic. Still, many fans find solace and comfort knowing their favorite teams are still taking the field for each game.

The Dallas Cowboys, famously dubbed “America’s Team” by team personnel and the media, are one of the most profitable teams in all of sports. With a rabid fanbase that hang on the edge of their seats with each snap, the team attracts plenty of attention both positive and negative. The team has a trophy case with several championship trophies inside, a tribute to their success.

However, this year’s Cowboys team is struggling mightily through the seasons and fans got a tough dose of reality this week. The team is 3-9 on the year and in last place of the not-so-competitive NFC East. The Cowboys have not been good on offense or defense and their star quarterback, Dak Prescott, is out for the year with an injury.

All of these issue lead to the stunning NFL decision to “flex” the Cowboys out of a prime time matchup against the San Francisco 49ers.

SNF Pulls Plug on Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers

The team was set to take on the 49ers in this week’s edition of Sunday Night Football. Due to the team’s struggles, NFL officials pulled the plug on the game’s time slot and will replace it with a more competitive matchup. This week’s Sunday Night Football matchup will now see the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns. The two teams are right in the middle of the playoff race, while the 49ers and Cowboys are both in last place of their divisions.

It is the first time the Dallas Cowboys have been removed from Sunday Night Football due to poor performance. They have already played two games in the marquee time slot this season.

Meeting with the media on Wednesday, Head Coach Mike McCarthy expressed disappointment but says he understands the move.

“Number one, I think it’s a reflection of where we are right now as a football team,” he says. “I mean, these are the types of things that I guess happen when you’re not successful. We’re disappointed, make no bones about it.”

Dallas will now face San Francisco on Sunday at noon.

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