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NFL: Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Reportedly Always Planned to Up Attendance Despite COVID-19 Case Surge

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Making his weekly appearance on Texas radio station 105.3 The Fan, Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones says his team leads the league in attendance since the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

The Cowboys reportedly had over 30,000 fans at a recent home game against the Pittsburg Steelers on November 8.

On this radio show, Jones brags that AT&T Stadium provides fans with a safe experience despite the ongoing pandemic.

The charismatic owner says his facility allows for air circulation that is “three of four times that of an operating room.”

“Let me just say this,” Jones says, according to Yahoo Sports. “What we’re experiencing really around in general is these open spaces, these big places with open spaces are having success with their crowds. We lead the country [in attendance]. I’m not so sure we don’t lead the world [in attendance].”

Jones continues by adding: “That’s a big statement. Let’s don’t go that far, because I don’t know. But in attendance for our ballgames, we’re leading everyone and significantly so. And it has everything to do with our facility in my mind. We have air circulation in that facility that’s three or four times the standards of operating rooms. And then the circulation in the stadium especially with your roofs and doors open and that type of thing.”

Jones Says Facility Provides Safe Fan Experience

Jones goes on to say that not only is his stadium meeting the guidelines, but also providing a “very safe experience” for Cowboys fans.

While some may argue that bragging about attendance during a pandemic is somewhat tone deaf, Jones clearly takes pride in the Cowboys attendance.

“My whole point is that all of that, we’re not only are fitting the guidelines but we’re also enjoying a very safe experience for our fans out there,” he says. “But that was the record for the year that we did out there Sunday, for the country.”