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NFL: Dallas Cowboys Reportedly Placing Coaches, Staff in Bubble Due to COVID-19

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit:Ronald Martinez / Staff/ Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys are taking extra precautions when it comes to COVID-19 by having their staff go into a bubble.

The decision comes after COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the country as some states hit record numbers. Also, the Cowboys took on the Steelers in a game on November 8th. After the fact, a Steelers player tested positive for the virus.

The Cowboys did not have in-person practice last week but held virtual meetings.

Only the staff that is in direct contact with the players will have to stay in the bubble, which will be similar to the one the team was in during training camp. In addition, coaches will be staying at the Omni Hotel at The Star, which is a four and a half star hotel in Frisco.

While on a radio station in Dallas, owner and general manager Jerry Jones said, “Everybody’s emphasizing, ‘Don’t let your guard down.’ We’re going in a more intense way, and we’re having our coaches restrict their activities away from the field and restrict their contacts away from the field. We’re having all staff that touch a player do that. That’s in addition to what the NFL is doing.”

However, the NFL cannot force players to enter the bubble during the regular season, due to a collective bargaining agreement. Jones said that he was unsure if the NFL would move to a bubble for playoffs as the NBA, NHL, and MLB did for theirs.

Jones continued by saying he is always skeptical and acts as if anyone he interacts with has the virus. That way, he stays on his toes. He also said he wears two masks and would get a vaccine when it becomes available.

Cowboys Attendance

On the other hand, Jones said he will not cut attendance at the games. In fact, Jones mentioned that he wants to continue to increase the number of fans allowed at the games. When the Cowboys took on the Steelers, there were 31,700 fans in attendance.

Nearly 25,750 people have been allowed at AT&T Stadium during each game this year, however. The fans must follow CDC, NFL, and Texas state guidelines while in attendance.

“I’m very proud of the fact that we do it safely, we do it smartly,” Jones said. “Our fans are really helpful, to say the very least, in playing in front of those fans. I see a continued aggressive approach to having fans out there. We’ll see. That’s not being insensitive to the fact that we’ve got our COVID and an outbreak. Some say maybe it is, but not when we’re doing it as safe as we are, and not when you’re having the results we are. Literally, we have had no one report that they’ve had any contact with COVID from coming to our game. No one.”