NFL: Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford Facing Backlash for Kneeling During Anthem on Thanksgiving Game

by Matthew Wilson

Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford is receiving backlash after he kneeled during the National Anthem. The Lions played the Houston Texans in a Thanksgiving day matchup.

Before kickoff, Stafford decide to kneel during the game as a form of protest. Kneeling has grown traction this season within the NFL. Some players and entire teams have decided to kneel to protest racial inequality and injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Their actions have garnered both supporters and critics this season, with ratings fluctuating. Stafford’s protest comes after his wife made controversial statements about Michigan’s COVID-19 protocols. Protocols prevent in-school instruction as well as the closing of in-door dining and bars. She compared the state to a “dictatorship.”

Matthew Stafford Receives Backlash From Critics

On Twitter, several people criticized Stafford for his protest during the Thanksgiving game. One user called out both Stafford and Texans’ quarterback DeShaun Watson, who also knelt. They wrote, “I have a message for Deshawn Watson and Matthew Stafford. Next time you disrespect my anthem by kneeling, remember why you get to play a game for millions. From a hard working, patriotic American.”

Several users called out Stafford’s protest in relation to his wife’s statements. One user wrote, “His wife gonna make him sleep on the couch.”